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  • Be informed of the facts: during a period of anxiety, we know that “fake news” will spread very quickly. We know from psychological research that if people are anxious, they will exhibit a cognitive bias and are more inclined to pay attention to and aggravate worrying elements. The more anxious we are, the more we will store that specific information in our memory and the faster we will be able to retrieve it. Correct this and make use of official and objective information such as WHO.
  • Relax enough.
    What does relax you? A nice bath, exercising, talking on the phone with a friend, mindfulness, yoga, ... These exercises might help you to relax your body:

  • Useful apps:

    • 10 apps to relax and to enjoy mindfulness
    • Recognize that, considering the circumstances, it is normal to feel anxious and worried from time to time. Read here what you can do if your worries take up too much space and talk about your worries with family and friends.

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!! And don’t forget: the academic advisors and student psychologists remain accessible (appointments can be made via Google Hangouts).