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You can find lots of tips that might inspire you during these exceptional times. Explore and use the tips that work for you.

However, not all links are completely corona-proof. There might be some suggestions in the links (not in the text) that are better avoided during these times. Please check Blackboard and your Hasselt University email for recent updates and adjustments about your courses.


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How can you optimise your study method?

Tackle it step by step:

  1. Follow & process the lecture
  2. Read the manual and return to the slides/lecture
  3. Complete the exercises and assignments & check your solutions.
  4. Thoroughly go through the most difficult parts

This infographic shows you all the steps of a study process.

  • New lecture, new chapter?
    Start with a short orientation: read the introduction or the conclusion and the intertitles, form a picture of what will be discussed. Such an orientation on the study material increases your concentration, insight and efficiency.
  • Lecture via a movie? PPT with a spoken explanation?
    Use a similar approach as during regular lectures and write down key points, add slides if necessary. Pause the recording if necessary, but also know that you don’t have to write down everything (that would waste too much time). Boredom can strike even more than in a regular lecture. Stay active enough while listening (taking notes, making a schedule, …).
  • Bring variation to your study method.
    For instance, don’t read all day in the same handbook, but also do exercises, or alternate with subject.

  • Study thoroughly.
    Ask yourself questions
    the content matter (why? how?, …) and try to answer them. Ask critical questions about the content matter and then try to answer them yourself, deepen your insight.

You can find more information about this study technique:

- on this website
- in this video (5’)

→ Do you have questions you can’t answer? Ask your fellow students or the teaching team.
→ Does a fellow student have questions? Try to answer them.

  • Explaining the content matter to someone and answering each other’s questions is a very good study strategy. Find out how it exactly works:

- on this website
- in this infographic
- in this video (2’)

  • Don’t make it too easy for yourself!
    Don’t think to quickly: ‘Yeah, I understand everything (more or less)’. You only learn when you make it possible for yourself.
    How do you do that? Check out:

- this website
- this video