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  • Stick to your schedule!

It would be understandable if your course work isn’t your main priority right now. What is important is that you try to structure your day. Establish routines and habits. For example: get up at the same hour every day, have breakfast, go for a walk, check your emails ...

- How can I make a schedule? Check it out here

- A day in the life of an online student? Check it out here!

  • Set daily goals for yourself (to do’s, tasks you want to finish)

Check out how you can work with to do lists in this video or this infographic.

You can make a to-do list on paper, but of course there are also some useful apps. For instance:

Google Keep (you can share your to do’s with others and to do’s are displayed next to your google calendar)
Google Tasks (personal, to do’s are displayed in your Google Calendar)
Trello (to share to do’s with others, to do’s are displayed in lists and boards) 
Remember The Milk (to-do lists)
Todoist (to share with others and keeps track of your progress)

  • Let your family and/or friends know about your daily and weekly schedule. Share your schedule with your friend(s) and ask them to help motivate you.