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You can find lots of tips that might inspire you during these exceptional times. Explore and use the tips that work for you.

However, not all links are completely corona-proof. There might be some suggestions in the links (not in the text) that are better avoided during these times. Please check Blackboard and your Hasselt University email for recent updates and adjustments about your courses.


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How to best live with distance learning?

  • As an international student during this corona crisis, you might feel anxious. You might be worried about what to do: stay or go home, about your family, financial implications... A lot of things are probably still very unclear: what happens if I stay, what are the consequences if I go home, will I get home if I try? Unfortunately, we don’t have all the answers yet. Please check your Hasselt University email daily for updates and instructions and mail your questions to coronavirus@uhasselt.be

  • Whether you are at home or in Hasselt: remember you are doing a service to society and your loved ones. By staying inside, you can make sure others don’t get sick. This way you will show social responsibility.
  • Stay active and establish routines: set activities, routines and structure give the day predictability. This discourages helplessness. For instance: exercise, personal hygiene, having a meal at regular times …

  • Keep in touch: There are many ways you can keep in touch with your friends and family online (e.g. Facebook, Skype, Instagram). Establish routines (e.g. calling your mom every evening at 8 p.m.).

  • Manage your worrying:

    • Be aware that it’s perfectly normal that you are worried about your friends and family, yourself, the current situation…
    • If you notice your worrying thoughts are taking up too much time, then try to find some distraction. Watch a series or movie, play games with your family, skype with your friends, but make sure corona is not the main topic. 
    • Put off your worries: spend some time every day to worry. If you notice you start worrying at any other time, think: “This is something to worry about in my time dedicated to worrying.” And if it helps, you can write it down on a piece of paper. If you do it often enough, it will become a routine. In the time you worry (approximately 15 minutes), you can worry about all the things you wrote down. 


  • A few updates a day are enough. It is not necessary to check your smartphone and the news all day. Decide what is feasible for you (once the news, once your smartphone for 30 min, twice your email) and choose a reliable source of information.