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Cross-over Visionary Symposium (auditorium Campus Hasselt – Oude Gevangenis)

“The Future of interaction : from paper displays to interactive skin”

13h30 Registration
14h00 Welcome & opening Francqui Symposium & Lecture Series
- Prof.dr. L. De Schepper – Rector (UH)
- Prof.dr. K. Coninx – Dean Faculty of Sciences  (UH)
14h15 Francqui Chair opening lecture : “The Future of interaction : from paper displays to interactive skin” -  dr. Jürgen Steimle (Max Planck Institute for Informatics and Saarland University / UHasselt-Francqui Chair 2016) (D)
15h15 Break
15h30 Satellite talks
  • “Designing for shape change” – Prof. Dr. Panos Markopoulos, Department of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology (NL)
  • "Toward Highly Reconfigurable Interactive Devices” - Dr. Anne Roudaut, Leverhulme Trust fellow at the Bristol Interaction and Graphics group, University of Bristol (UK)
  • “Intelligibility for the Internet of Things (A secret Weapon to Fight an Army of Underhand Machines)” - Prof. Dr. Kris Luyten, HCI group, Hasselt University – iMinds – Expertise Centre for Digital Media (B)
17h30 Closing & reception

10h-12h30 (auditorium H3 – Campus Diepenbeek )
Lecture Session :  “Non-planar Interactive Surfaces”
Chair : Prof.dr. K. Luyten (UH/EDM-iMinds)

  • Francqui-Lectures by dr. Jürgen Steimle :
    • Part 1 : “Interactive Paper User Interfaces"
    • Part 2 : “Touching Skin: User Interfaces for the Human Body”
  • Invited Presentations :
    • “Pervasive technology and tangibles for home-based neurorehabiltation” - Marijke Vandermaesen (UH/EDM-iMinds)
    • “Creative Tools to Support Customisation, Personalisation, and Design Exploration” - Kashyap Todi (UH/EDM-iMinds)
    • “End-user control over physical interfaces: from personal fabrication to real-time adaptability” - Raf Ramakers  (UH/EDM-iMinds)

10h-12h30 (auditorium H3 – Campus Diepenbeek )
Lecture Session : “Printed sensors and output components on flexible and stretchable substrates”
Chair : Prof.dr.ir. W. Deferme (UH/IMO-IMOMEC)

  • Francqui-Lectures by dr. J. Steimle :
    • Part 1: “Digital Fabrication of Custom Sensor Surfaces“
    • Part 2: “No Interactivity Without Output: Rapid Prototyping of Flexible Displays and More"
  • Invited Presentations :
    • “Design optimization in printed structures and read-out electronics to achieve property requirements for Flexible Tactile Sensors” - Steven Nagels (UH/IMO-IMOMEC)
    • “Near-room temperature sintering of inkjet printed silver patterns” - Glen Vandevenne (UH/IMO-IMOMEC)
    • “Smart biomedical sensors: from integration towards printing” - Prof. dr. ir. Ronald Thoelen (UH/IMO-IMOMEC)

10h-12h30 (auditorium H3 – Campus Diepenbeek )
Lecture Session : “X-Interaction : from design to novel sensing concepts”
Chair : Prof.dr. J. Manca (UH/X-LaB)

  • Francqui-Lecture by dr. Jürgen Steimle :
    • “Design Approaches in Fabrication: Digital vs. Physical”
  • Invited Presentations :
    • “X-interaction &  novel sensing concepts – an introduction ” - Prof.dr. Jean Manca (UH/X-LaB)
    • “Sensing Magnetic fields : from compass to reading minds” - Prof.dr. Milos Nesladek (UH/IMO-IMOMEC)
    • “Interaction : an out of the box vision” - Frederik De Wilde (multi- and transdisciplinary artist)
    • "A roadmap for long-term brain-machine interfaces" - Prof.dr.ir. Jan M. Rabaey (University of California - Berkeley)