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Methods and strategies to monitor and manage human impact on urbanized protected areas (UPA)

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Elke Hermans

Elke Hermans has a Master of Business economics and a PhD in Transportation Sciences from Hasselt University in Belgium. She works at the Transportation Research Institute of Hasselt University as a professor in Transportation and Tourism and is a visiting professor at the department of Geography and Tourism of the KU Leuven in Belgium. Her scientific field covers transportation and tourism. Her current research interests relate to inclusive tourism as well as mobility management in protected areas. 

Oswald Devisch

Oswald Devisch is an Associate Professor in Urban Design at the Faculty of Architecture and Arts. He is coordinator of the research cluster Spatial Capacity Building, exploring themes such as collective learning, casual participation, autonomous transformation processes and the gamification of participation.

Sebastien Lizin

Prof. Sebastien Lizin is an expert in the economic valuation by means of stated preferences of non-market goods, such as ecosystem services. Most environmental goods and services, such as clean air and water, and wildlife populations, are not traded in markets. Their economic value is therefore not directly revealed in market prices.Without these value estimates, these resources may be implicitly undervalued and decisions regarding their use and stewardship may not accurately reflect their true value to society.

Francois Rineau

Francois Rineau is a microbial ecologist. He is working on the effects of climate change on ecosystem services, and especially interested in how soil microbes are involved in ecosystem response.

Nele Witters

Nele Witters is analyzing the drivers that impact on the success of translating scientific knowledge into successful policy advice within a rural and natural context. By doing so, she aims to give recommendations for the improvement of the science-policy interface in order to increase the political understanding of the crucial societal role of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Bernard Vanheusden

Bernard Vanheusden is professor in environmental law at the UHasselt Law Faculty. He leads the environmental law unit, a group of around 15 researchers. Bernard is associate editor of the Journal for European Environmental & Planning Law (JEEPL) and a member of the IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law.