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Advanced Optical Microscopy Centre

About the Advanced Optical Microscopy Centre

Advanced Optical Microscopy Centre

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Sam Duwé, PhD

Function: facility manager & imaging specialist

Expertise: high-resolution imaging

Profile: An enthousiastic, curiosity-driven researcher with a passion for advanced fluorescence microscopy. I have devoted my scientific career to improving the performance of fluorophores and super-resolution fluorescence microscopy and I aspire to use my knowledge and skills to aid others in their research.


prof. Jelle Hendrix, PhD

Function: Principle Investigator

Expertise: Dynamic Bioimaging


prof. Werend Boesmans, PhD

Function: Principle Investigator

Expertise: in vivo calcium imaging in the enteric nervous system


An Voets, PhD

business developer


Sofie Ignoul, PhD

business developer


Laura Mercier

financial coordinator