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Use this highly versatile confocal microscope to solve multi-dimensional research questions. Equipped with an NLO module for deep-tissue and label-free imaging, a spectral detector, and two PMTs for confocal fluorescence microscopy, the LSM510 provides a convenient solution for most of your imaging needs.

Use and training

To access this microscope, contact the facility to schedule a hands-on training session. Trained users have 24/7 access to the microscope and are free to schedule experiments using the online booking system. Training can only be given by facility staff.




HBO100 fluorescence lamp
CW Argon Laser with 458, 477, 488 and 514nm lines
CW HeNe 543nm laser
CW HeNe 633nm laser
Pulsed MaiTai-HPDS laser (690-1040nm)

Filter sets

The microscope and scanhead contain a large amount of filter turrets and exchangeable filtercube positions. The following table provides an overview of the standard filter configuration of the LSM880. In addition to these filters, the spectral detection unit (Quasar) allows filter free selection of the detection wavelength range.

Filter overview
Position Reflector revolver Main beam splitter Secondary beam splitter 1 Secondary beam splitter 2 Secondary beam splitter 3 NDD beam splitter Emission filters Ch1 Emission filters Ch2
1 None NT 80/20 None Mirror None HFT 488 KP 695 LP560
2 FSet01 wf (blue) HFT UV/488/543/633 Mirror NFT 490 Plate FT 605 BP 390-465 IR BP 510/20 IR
3 FSet09 wf (green) HFT KP 700/488 NFT 490 NFT 545 BG 39 FT 442 BP 435-485 IR BP 500-550 IR
4 FSet15 wf (red) HFT KP 700/543 NFT 515 BG 39 Mirror HBO Mirror BP 480-520 IR BP 535-590 IR
5 NDD KP685 HFT 458/514 NFT 545       BP 500-530 IR BP 565-615 IR
6   HFT 458 NFT 635 VIS       BP 500-550 IR None
7   HFT 488 NFT KP 545       LP 505 BP 650-710 IR
8   HFT KP 650 Plate         LP 505


The microscope is equipped with the following detectors:

  • Meta scanning module with 2 single channel detectors and a 32 channel spectral detector.
  • T-PMT transmission detector.
  • NDD detection module with 2 NDD detectors. 

Objective lenses

The microscope is equipped with a variety of low- and high-magnification and NA objectives:

Objective lens overview        
Objective lens Free working distance Max resolution * Immersion Remarks
Plan-Neofluar 10x/0.30 5.2 mm 1.07 x 11.67 µm None (air) Zeiss information page 
EC Plan-Neofluar 20x/0.5 2.0 mm 0.64 x 4.20 µm None (air) Zeiss information page 
Plan-ApoChromat 20x/0.75 0.6 mm 0.43 x 1.87 µm None (air)  
LD C-Apochromat 40x/1.10 W Korr UV-VIS-IR 0.62 mm 0.29 x 0.87 µm Water Zeiss information page 
EC Plan Neofluar 40x/1.30 Oil DIC 0.21 mm 0.25 x 0.62 µm Oil Zeiss information page 
Alpha Plan-Apochromat 100x/1.46 0.11 mm 0.22 x 0.49 µm Oil Zeiss information page 

* Theoretically obtainable lateral (xy) by axial (z) resolution according to the Rayleigh resolution criterium at an emission wavelength of 525 nm.
Lateral resolution (xy) = 0.61 * wavelength / numerical aperture
Axial resolution (z) = 2 * wavelength / (numerical aperture)²

Other features

  • A PECON incubation system allowing precise control of experimental conditions (Temperature and CO2).


The LSM510 is a very versatile setup, which finds its use in diverse applications, including:

  • live deep-tissue two-photon fluorescence microscopy (e.g. migrating cells in live tissue slices).
  • labelfree imaging (e.g. SHG imaging of the extracellular matrix).
  • multi-dimensional confocal imaging (xyztc).
  • ...