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*** Last update: 18 May 2020 ***
Dear microscope users, 
I would like to provide some information regarding the use of the microscopes in the following weeks (as long as the current coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) containment measures are active).
  1. General BIOMED/UHasselt Coronavirus containment measures apply.
    • If the institute/university closes down completely, there will be no access to the microscopes.
    • Make sure you follow all the guidelines.
      • Only essential experiments are allowed.
      • Practice extreme hygiene.
      • Keep maximal distance from other people.
  2. The microscopes remain available to those with urgent and essential experiments.
    • Max two users / room are allowed.
    • Mandatory use of the mouthmasks provided by UHasselt when a people are present in a room.
    • Please be aware that this is shared equipment, potentially handled by an infected person. Practice extreme personal hygiene.
    • Work alone at the microscope as much as possible and maximize "social distancing".
    • Inform one or more persons that you will be working at the microscope in case of emergency. 
    • If possible keep digital contact with at least one person during the experiments when working alone.
  3. I will work from home as much as possible. 
    • There will be very limited on-site support.
    • If you encounter problems with the microscopes, you can contact me through email/chat/hangouts/phone and we can try to fix the issue remotely.
    • There will be limited training/introduction sessions for the microscopes until the end of the.
    • Data availability of the LSM510 will be slow and irregular.
  4. Double-check the microscopes before, during and after your experiments and make sure you follow the cleaning and shutdown procedures correctly.  

If you have any questions regarding these measures or regarding the use of the microscopes, feel free to contact me.
Best regards,