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Onderzoeksbeeldje van de maand:

Iedere maand kunnen onderzoekers binnen BIOMED meedoen aan de wedstrijd 'onderzoeksbeeldje van de maand' en hun mooiste microscopische beelden insturen bij de BIOMED jury.

Deze maand werd de figuur van Lieselotte Lemoine verkozen tot de microscopische highlight van de maand.

"High resolution imaging of a rat tumor to evaluate apoptosis induced by intraperitoneal chemotherapy" 


A cryosection of a rat omentum majus tumor with the cell nucleus in blue and activated caspase-3 in orange recorded with structured illumination microscopy on the ELYRA PS.1 (9 µm grid size, left widefield image, right processed SIM image)




Beeldje van de maand van de voorbije maanden 

"Cell communication by uptake of small extracellular vesicles"
(Sören Kuypers)

Airyscan image of HUVEC cells in red (WGA 594 cell staining) and extracellular vesicles in yellow (DiD lipid staining) recorded on the LSM880 microscope to show uptake of individual vesicles with different sizes
"Biodegradable Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery"
 (Martijn Peters)

The image represents HeLa cells exposed to biodegradable polymer nanoparticles with encapsulated fluorescent dye with the cell nucleus in blue, tubulin in yellow and Nanoparticles in pink
"New label-free way to visualize soot from airpolution in human lung cells"
 (Hannelore Bové)

A human lung cell with soot from airpolution with tubulin in purple, vimentin in yellow and white light generated by soot particles in blue.
"Rat kidney glomeruli"
 (Jirka Cops)

A kidney glomeruli of a rat imaged with a Zeiss mirax desk scanner to investigate the effect of a heart condition on kidney function. (Masson’s trichrome staining method)
"Mitochondria, the power houses of the cell" 
(Hannelore Bové)

A live cell eGFP staining of mitochondria visualized with the LSM 880. 
"Microbubbles #Bubble trouble for scientists"
(Eli Slenders)

Microbubbles stained with the membrane-probe Laurdan (orange) measured with the Mai Tai laser on the Zeiss LSM510 to study the lipid organization in the shell through the photoselection effect and the local emission spectrum. More info in Slenders et al., ChemComm, 2018, 54 (38), 4854-4857.