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Projects of Centre for Statistics

Recent projects

Project agreements for Research

Modeling High dimensional multivariate survival data with clustering using frailty and copula models.  (R-11950)
Integromics - Towards integration of big biomolecular data to enable systems biology  (R-11978)
BOF 2021 incentive funding for "MiMMic: Mass-spectrometry in Metabolomics research on Microbiome."  (R-11952)
Modeling approaches for benchmark dose  (R-11834)
Cooperation agreement between Hasselt University and VITO concerning the PhD of Alejandro Correa Rojo: "Xomics data analysis and integration in precision health"  (R-11724)
Bioinformatic Analysis of Whole-Genome Data for Precision Health.  (R-12080)
Future proof pathology for predictive medicine and disease prognosis based on tumor heterogeneity.  (R-11405)
ADMIRE: Association, causality and biomarker Discovery in translational MIcrobiome REsearch.  (R-11406)
DESCARTES - infectious DisEaSe eConomics and Ai with guaRanTEeS  (R-11433)
Diamond for chip-based quantum sensing in multi-electrode bioelectrical recordings in human iPSC-derived neurons and axonal networks.  (R-11434)
Probability of Improved Prediction: a new concept in statistical inference  (R-11615)
Award of a grant for the Environment and Health project  (R-11795)
Cross-omics data analyses and integration in precision health.  (R-11733)
Real-time geospatial control of emerging infectious diseases  (R-10967)
Statistical methods for estimation of protein abundance based on peptide-centric mass-spectrometry data.  (R-11125)
: Development of an evidence based proof of concept care path for Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver disease in Flanders.  (R-11217)
The more you tell me how and why to avoid spreading COVID-19, the more I feel I can spare myself the trouble. Enhancing compliance with measures against COVID-19 by counteracting side-effects of appeals for preventive behaviour.  (R-11337)
Policy support for managing the COVID pandemic through artificial intelligence  (R-11451)
Balancing socio-economic and public health impact of COVID-19 for its sustainable control and mitigation (SOPHIA)  (R-11859)
From data to knowledge in microbiome research – the role of visual analytics.  (R-12187)
Nonparametric estimation of time-varying association measures for bivariate censored time-to-event data  (R-10786)
High Dimensional Clustering and prediction and integrated analysis of single Cell RNAseq Data  (R-11906)
DSI COVID-19 team  (R-10889)
Epidemic intelligence to minimize 2019-nCOV's public health, economic and social impact in Europe "EpiPose"  (R-10827)
An information theoretic approach for the evaluation of correlates of protection in a vaccine setting.  (R-10572)
PRIBE: Personalised Reference Intervals for integrated Biomarkers through nEw statistical methods and unique longitudinal data  (R-10225)
ERC POC project: DEFOG: Data science tool for epidemic forecasting  (R-10150)
Personalised Reference Intervals for integrated Biomarkers through nEw statistical methods and unique longitudinal data'.  (R-10165)
IOF mandate Sarah Vercruysse and Emiliano Mancini  (R-9959)
ELIXIR Infrastructure for Data and Services to strengthen Life-Sciences Research in Flanders  (R-10160)
Explainable machine learning, predictive modelling, and causal inference, applied to medical data  (R-10168)
Computational methods for high-resolution mass spectrometry data and massive parallel sequencing  (R-9605)
Development and application of spatio-temporal models for estimation of prevalence of infectious diseases in Western and Southern Africa  (R-8991)
ECODIS: Effects of co-infections on the emergence of an avian disease Mycoplasma gallisepticum.  (R-8902)
Challenges in mass spectrometry: computational lipidomics and MS imaging  (R-8547)
Effectiveness of management agreements for field and meadow birds (breeding ground, food and breeding success)  (R-8699)
Bayesian methods for the inclusion of historical data in Phase I and Phase II clinical studies  (R-8141)
Statistical inference for varying coefficient functions and qualitative constraints  (R-5210)

Project agreements for Education

Online collaborative learning in mathematical modelling for pre-service teachers in STEM education  (R-12114)
not available  (R-11927)
Platform Development for an E-learning system in Biostatistics/Statistics  (R-10276)
Directed Breeding Programs for Inproved Poultry Livestock by Genetic Bioinformatics Research and Development in Kenya (BIRD)  (R-10761)
Educating Experts of the Future: Developing Bioinformatics and Biostatistics competencies of European Biomedical Students - Becoming  (R-10739)
not available  (R-9793)
Statistics for development in Indonesia  (R-9600)
A Cuban-Flemish Training and Research Program in Data Science and Big Data Analysis  (R-9309)
Statistics for development  (R-9371)

Archive (*)

Project agreements for Research


SpiL : Spillover of Leptospira in island populations of the Channel Island fox.  (R-7059)
Experimental analysis of temperature effects on intraspecific biodiversity dynamics  (R-8179)
Francqui chair of Peter J. Diggle  (R-8403)
The statistical analysis of infectious disease data.  (R-8140)
Technical support for processing winter counts of birds on bird feed plots in Harpengouw.  (R-8278)
FWO travel grant for a short stay abroad for the 9e Annual Summer Institute in Statistics and Modeling in Infectious Diseases (SISMID) during 17-21/07/2017 at Seattle USA  (R-7996)
Statistical methods to estimate infectious disease parameters and individual heterogeneity using multivariate serological data  (R-8133)
The development and application of flexible multivariate models for current status data and count data with applications to HIV serodiscordance among couples and abortion, perinatal and infant mortality in Mozambique.  (R-8134)
Modelling the impact of combining HIV prevention interventions on HIV incidence in fishing communities in Uganda  (R-7414)
Machine Learning models for integration of gene exptression and methylation profiles with applications to cancer data  (R-7848)
A universal search engine for mass spectrometry-based sequential elucidation  (R-8830)
Estimation in large-scale heterogeneous and heteroscedastic quantile regression  (R-7534)
New translational methods towards the estimation of age- and timedependent epidemiological parameters for pertussis resurgence in Belgium using serial seroprevalence and incidence data  (R-7543)
Hepatitis C virus direct acting antiviral (DAA) treatment success and its impact on transmission dynamics in HIV/HCV co-infected MSM  (R-7861)
Flanders Bioinformatics Infrastructure for Sustainable Agriculture and better Health Society  (R-8371)


(*) of the past 5 years