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Centre for Statistics (CENSTAT) : project R-9309

Title : A Cuban-Flemish Training and Research Program in Data Science and Big Data Analysis (R-9309)
Abstract: The project aims at developing capacity in data science and big data analysis methods for public health, epidemiology, biotechnology and medical research. The project consists of two components: education and research. The first focuses on the development of a new interdisciplinary training trajectory in the master program in biostatistics in Havana university and the second component will be focused on capacity building in research (at master, PhD and postdoc level) within the domains of public health, epidemiology and medical studies. In all research domains the emphasis is placed on the development of research skills in data science and big and high dimensional data analysis methods. Local partner institutes are from academia (Havana University) and government research institutes (CIM, CENCEC, IPK), which focus on medical, epidemiological, biotechnology and public health research and drug development. The consortium partners from the North include Flemish partners (UHasselt and KULeuven) and other international (not funded) collaborators.
Period of project : 1/01/2018to31/12/2021

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