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Besides research and education I-BioStat also offers statistical advice and support, either short or long term, to other academic research groups, (mainly pharmaceutical) industry, and governmental organizations. Topics covered are among the research topics of I-BioStat but other topics can be discussed as well.

More precisely I-Biostat is able to contribute to the following:

  • statistics in preclinical and clinical development
  • public health
  • human/veterinary epidemiology
  • food safety
  • regulatory aspects of clinical trials
  • independent data monitoring committee
  • statistical bioinformatics and statistical genetics
  • environmental studies
  • statistics training and education
  • ...

Of course other topics can be discussed.

In terms of types of collaboration the options are manifold as well depending on the needs and requirements of the partner company of organization

  • Supervision of the analysis: The company/organization itself has the potential and resources to perform the analysis in house and I-BioStat can evaluate and validate this analysis or give some advice in order to guide the analysis into the right direction.
  • Perform the analysis: I-BioStat can perform the analysis from start to finish including the interpretation and creating a report containing the results in case the company/organization is does not have either means or recourses to do so.
  • Research: Some projects lead to interesting new ideas and it might be worthwhile to investigate whether this new methodology can be applied in other circumstances or just need some modification. In this case a research project could be set up between the company/organization and I-BioStat.
  • PhD project: When in general several projects of above mentioned nature generate sufficient research ideas it might be an opportunity to establish a research grant in collaboration with the company/organization and I-BioStat. In this case identifying a PhD student might be a benefit for all parties.
  • Master thesis: Since every year again the students in our own Master of Statistics program need to finish a master thesis we are always looking for interesting topics. Such collaboration furthermore might be a unique opportunity to find out in what way I-BioStat can contribute to your company/organization with only little investment. Organizations or companies who are willing to participate, can find more information here and are asked to fill in next project description form.