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Thursday 28 March 2019


Registration and coffee (Foyer) 


Welcome by host institution (Louis Roppe auditorium)
Prof. dr. Johan Ackaert, dean Faculty of Law, Hasselt University 


Introduction to conference topic (Louis Roppe auditorium)
Prof. dr. Bernard Vanheusden, chair, Hasselt University 


“To codify or not to codify EU environmental law: that’s not the question!” (Louis Roppe auditorium)
Prof. dr. Michael Faure, Maastricht University 


“Possibilities and limits to codify EU environmental law” (Louis Roppe auditorium)
Prof. dr. Ludwig Krämer 


Coffee break (Foyer)


Parallel session 1 (Louis Roppe auditorium & FR-2.03)


Session 1.A - Harmonisation theory, chair: Prof. dr. Luc Lavrysen (Louis Roppe auditorium)

  Nicolas de Sadeleer How to draw the dividing line between the internal market and a genuine environmental policy?
  Costanza Di Francesco Maesa European Harmonising Environmental Laws. Are they merely symbolic?
  Lorenzo Squintani Green-plating as a transition tool to increase the level of protection of the environment in the European Union
  Chris Backes Interpretation versus application of EU law- how far should national law be harmonized?

Session 1.B - Harmonisation in environmental law I (crime and liability), chair: Prof. dr. Michael Faure (FR-2.03)

  Georgios Kalogerakis The harmonization of environmental law through the tools of Civil Law. 
The example of Greece
  Ieva Marija Ragaišytė Harmonization of the EU criminal law in the field of environmental crimes: perspective of implementation of the Directive 2008/99/EC and applicability of criminal liability for environmental offences
  Maria Marquès-Banqué Environmental crime and harmonisation of sanctions in the European Union: lessons learned from the Directive 2008/99/EC on the protection of the environment through Criminal Law
  Christopher Borucki Cost recovery of preventive and remedial measures against environmental damage from the polluter through tort law: European spillover, troubled national waters?


Lunch break (Foyer)


Parallel session 2 (Louis Roppe auditorium & FR-2.03)


Session 2.A - Harmonisation techniques, chair: Prof. dr. Helle Tegner Anker (Louis Roppe auditorium)

  Valentina Jacometti European multilingualism and harmonization of environmental law
  Barbara Pozzo Liability for environmental harm and the need for a consistent terminology in order to harmonize the different legal approaches
  Mariolina Eliantonio and Emilia Korkea-aho The Legitimacy of EU Soft Law through the Eyes of National Courts: a Survey on the Water Framework Directive guidance documents

Session 2.B - Harmonisation in environmental law II, chair: Prof. dr. Chris Backes (FR-2.03)

  Saba Sekulovic Regulation products for a circular economy: towards a more coherent legal framework
  Matteo Fermeglia Soil and Climate Change: Bridging the Gap in the Multi-level 
Governance on Soil Protection
  Zahra Mousavi Harmonization and Environmental Sustainability: Lessons Learned from Albania


Coffee break (Foyer)


Parallel session 3 (Louis Roppe auditorium & FR-2.03)


Session 3.A - Harmonisation theory and techniques, chair: Prof. dr. Marjan Peeters (Louis Roppe auditorium)

  Alison Hough The Aarhus Convention in the European Union: from refinement to fragmentation
  Xiheng Chen Towards an integrated emission permit in China? An examination of institutional barriers
  Anna Vanhellemont Internal harmonisation of environmental law: learning from the Member States?
  Lærke Assenbjerg EU Court of Justice: Inadequate Measures to Protect Water from Agricultural Nitrates Pollution Calls for Action across Member States

Session 3.B - Harmonisation in energy law I (renewable energy), chair: Prof. dr. Annalisa Savaresi (FR-2.03)

  Ceciel Nieuwenhout Planning and permitting procedures for offshore wind in the North Sea – natural harmonisation?
  Andrés Boix Palop A Path to the Harmonisation of State Compensations due to Regulatory Costs in the Implementation of Renewable Energy Policies
  Theodoros Iliopoulos Renewable energy support law: a suspended step towards Europeanisation


Conference dinner 


Friday 29 March 2019


Parallel session 4 (Louis Roppe auditorium & FR-2.03)


Session 4.A - Harmonisation in environmental law III (nature, wildlife and biodiversity), chair: Prof. dr. An Cliquet (Louis Roppe auditorium)

  Déborah Sangsue Can a biodiversity act help to effectively protect biodiversity? A federal state perspective
  Elien Verniers Different Treatment of Wild Animals in the European Union
  Hendrik Schoukens Harmonization by Accident: Has the CJEU Inadvertently Turned the Habitats Directive in a Prime Example of Ecological Law?

Session 4.B - Harmonisation in energy law II (regulation), chair: Prof. dr. Wim Marneffe (FR-2.03)

  Irakli Samkharadze The Energy Community: The Legal Harmonisation Agenda between the EU and Third Countries
  Carmen Rodilla Excessive Prices in the Electricity Market
  Tom Bonne, Theodoros Iliopoulos and Kendro Pedrosa State aid and harmonisation in reductions in energy surcharges for energy intensive users: the pending case of C-405/16 P Germany v Commission


Coffee break (Foyer)


Parallel session 5 (Louis Roppe auditorium & FR-2.03)


Session 5.A - Harmonisation in environmental law IV, chair: Prof. dr. Geert Van Calster (Louis Roppe auditorium)

  Endrius Cocciolo “Do you like to drive?” The issue of harmonization of fossil fuel vehicles banning among decarbonisation, energy transition and the principle of technology neutrality
  Jiri Vodicka EU harmonisation of light vehicle’s emissions
  Delphine Misonne Restrictions in the use of products that comply with type-approval conditions. A comment of recent ECJ case-law
  Kleoniki Pouikli Noise pollution at EU landscape: a field of “ignored” harmonization and fragmented implementation

Session 5.B - Harmonisation in energy law III, chair: Dr. Laura De Deyne (FR-2.03)

  Daniel Benrath Blind Spots in the Harmonisation for an H2-CCS chain
  Viktor Weber The Harmonisation or Unification of Interpretation – a Case Study of European Carbon Capture and Storage
  Susann Handke Harmonising oversight: How ACER could see to State Grid’s investments and shape the EU low-carbon power transition




Plenary session: chaired by Prof. dr. Bernard Vanheusden and dr. Lorenzo Squintani (Louis Roppe Auditorium)

Short speeches and panel debate among keynote speakers on future harmonisation steps

Keynote speakers:
Prof. dr. Charles Hubert Born, UCLouvain
Prof. dr. Saskia Lavrijssen, Tilburg University
Mr. Daniel Calleja-Crespo, European Commission, Director-General DG Environment




Closing reception  


End of the conference