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CORe - Centre for Government and Law

Administrative law and public administration unit

CORe - Centre for Government and Law

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Steven Van Garsse
Administrative Law, Public Contract, Government goods, externalisation of public services and PPP

Steven Van Garsse is a professor of administrative and public law in the Law faculty at Hasselt University. Before joining the University, he was in charge of the Flemish PPP Centre and involved in all their major Belgian PPP-projects. His research is focused on general administrative law, economic public law (public procurement, PPP, concessions, public domain, externalisation, privatisation) and urban law. Steven has authored numerous books and articles and is on the board of several journals. He is actively involved in the UNECE working party on PPP as vice chair of the bureau.

Johan Ackaert
Local government, Public administration

Johan Ackaert is a full-time professor and dean of the Faculty of Law. His research focuses on transformations in local politics, policy and government.

Anne Mie Draye
General administrative law

Anne Mie Draye is an emeritus professor at the University of Hasselt. She is also a guest lecturer at KU Leuven and at the Academia Istropolitana Nova in Bratislava. Her research focuses on the protection of movable and real estate heritage, spatial planning and nature conservation. In her free time, she also acts as chairman of the Royal Commission for Monuments and Landscapes of the Flemish Region.

Eric Lancksweerdt
Negotiation, mediation, ADR and citizen participation in administrative law

Eric Lancksweerdt is a senior lecturer at Hasselt University. Before joining the faculty, he was an auditor working as the head of department at the Belgian Council of State. He teaches 'Negotiation and mediation' and 'Legal writing', and he is working on the development of the 'negotiation and mediation' learning line. His research focuses on alternative dispute resolution, especially in the public sector, citizen participation, and fundamental innovations in law and legal practice. He places special emphasis on people-oriented and emancipatory approaches.