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This page provides answers to the most frequently asked questions from students and staff members of UHasselt. The information will be updated when necessary. Important information will also be communicated via your Hasselt University email address. 

Information about the modified working arrangement for staff members, including modified guidelines on working in the research laboratories is available on the intranet.
Students receive information concerning adjustments related to their studies through their training. 

In case of doubt or a specific question, you can also contact us via coronavirus@uhasselt.be or 011 26 82 82. 

Last update: May 5th.


May I work from home? 
The university continues to be operational, both for education and research, but teleworking remains the standard. However, if your job content does not allow this, it is only possible to work on campus provided that hygiene measures and the principles of social distancing are strictly respected.      

Concrete guidelines on working in laboratories during COVID-19, working from home, absence notifications and the use of the 'tikklok' can be found on intranet.

Are students and researchers still allowed on campus?

  • For students: students are no longer allowed on campuses, not even for exams, bachelor’s or master’s theses or internships.
  • For researchers (including PhD students): here too, teleworking remains the standard. Research where the attendance at the campus is mandatory may continue as long as the responsible professor deems it necessary and reasonable, but only if the imposed hygiene measures and rules about social distancing can be met. If not, then the research must be stopped as soon as possible.

What about the lessons?
UHasselt does not discontinue its educational activities, but as of Monday, March 16, 2020, all lessons will be organized remotely and this for the entire duration of the current academic year. Students will receive all relevant information via Blackboard. In consultation with the chairmen of the OMT, teachers will discuss the way in which they can continue education through alternative educational activities. The following IT applications can be used: 

Concretely, the following IT applications can be used to organise distance learning: 

  • Blackboard Collaborate 
  • Powerpoint - Record Slide Show 
  • Camtasia 
  • Google Meet

More information on distance learning tools

Important: we urge you to restrict yourself to these available tools in order to avoid a proliferation of applications.

Do you have any questions? Then don't hesitate to contact the helpdesk! Register your questions regarding distance learning tools via the usual e-mail address helpdesk@uhasselt.be. Make sure to include the telephone number where you can be reached so we can contact you.

What about the partial and quarter exams?
The Rector and Vice-Rector for Education have decided in consultation with all faculties that the scheduled partial and quarter exams will be tailored to the needs of the study programme.

The departments inform the students about any further progress. These circumstances require a lot of organizational changes. Therefore we ask for your understanding and patience, but of course we do everything we can to look for the best possible solutions.

What about the exams in June?
We expect that the campuses will be accessible to the students again. Organization of exams on the campus will therefore be possible, but in accordance with the principles of general hygiene and strict application of social distancing. We strictly monitor this when organizing the exams.

The following general decisions have been made for all study programmes:  

  1. For all study programmes, it is actually possible to extend the current exam period by one week and still finish the exam period no later than 10 July.
  2. Exams can also be scheduled on Saturdays and on Whit Monday. Furthermore, exams can also be scheduled in the evening, for instance starting at 5 p.m.
  3. When determining the form of the evaluation, each teacher will take into account the exceptional circumstances in which the course is currently taking place due to the situation of force majeure. Wherever possible, a (little) bit of permanent evaluation will be integrated during the online lesson period, or assignments will be submitted.
  4. Adequate solutions will be sought for internships and bachelor’s and master’s theses that could not be (completely) finalised, as well as for essential practical lessons that could not take place. 

The different study programmes will start working within this general framework in order to prepare a concrete exam schedule for each study programme. They will inform you about this as soon as possible.

What about the coming bachelor’s and master’s theses and internships?
Bachelor’s and master’s theses and internships are also temporarily suspended and must be postponed, unless it is possible to switch immediately to a digital alternative for follow-up interviews and activities in the workplace. 

We thus assume that no relocation of the student and no physical contact with the tutors or supervisors is required for the evaluations, internships, bachelor’s and master’s theses to take place.

This arrangement for bachelor’s and master’s theses and internships also applies to students who would go to an external workplace for their trial and internship, such as a company, a school, ...

However, in some cases, it may be needed to adapt the subjects and expectations of bachelor’s or master’s theses and internships. In consultation with the chairmen of OMT and chairmen of the examination board, it is decided how and which cases this will be done. The Vice Rector for Education is the contact person for these matters.

This will be communicated clearly and beforehand with the students from the study programme via Blackboard. 

Can I count on educational and examination facilities due to the corona measures.

  • Are you a student belonging to a risk group due to their age or medical reasons
  • Are you experiencing difficulties to participate in digital education/digital exams
  • Are you unable to attend exams that take place at Hasselt University exam locations due to applicable corona entry restrictions?

Then you can submit an application for educational and/or examination facilities. Your request and certificate must reach us no later than 12.05.2020 at faciliteiten@uhasselt.be.

And what about my doctoral defence?
PhD defences can continue provided that all measures relating to hygiene and social distancing are respected.

In order to maximize the public character of the defence, it is proposed that the UHasselt defences take place in a professional "green room" in the new building of the Confederatie Bouw Limburg during the period in which the corona-measures remain in force. A motivated proposal must be submitted to the rector for deviating working methods. The PhD student can of course also choose to postpone the defence to a later date.

The procedure for the composition of the jury and the rectoral admission to the defence remains unchanged. The point of contact remains DOC. Bruno Janssen is the point of contact for the practical modalities (infrastructure) of the defense at the Confederatie Bouw Limburg.

What about traveling abroad? 
Hasselt University has issued a general travel ban on 12 March 2020 for all trips abroad within the framework of study and work-related activities. This travel ban remains in force until further notice up to July 1st 2020 for staff and up to August 31st for students. 

The travel ban applies to all incoming and outgoing trips and to both students and staff members. Everyone is encouraged to make maximum use of teleconferencing.

If you have any questions about this stricter travel policy, then please contact the department Internationalisation via dios@uhasselt.be or 011 26 90 09. You can find up-to-date general travel advice on the website of the FPS Foreign Affairs, https://diplomatie.belgium.be/en

What about my student room?
The latest regulations do not allow you to withdraw from the rental contract.  

The model rental contracts of our database are limited in duration. They can only be terminated if one of the reasons below apply:  

  • When discontinuing your studies, a notice period of two months must be given. The student is required to submit a certificate from the educational institution to the landlord proving that (s)he has actually de-enrolled at the education institution concerned. 
  • In case of the death of a parent or another person responsible for the student’s livelihood, a notice period of two months is required. 
  • In case of the death of the student. 
  • In case of force majeure. 

Discontinuing the physical lessons, however, is not legally considered force majeure. In order to invoke force majeure for the termination of the rental contract, there must actually be a reason which, outside the tenant’s control, makes it impossible for him/her to stay in the rented property. 

This reason does not exist at the moment. Currently, it is not compulsory to go home, nor are the student rooms uninhabitable…  

So, we actually depend on the “goodwill” of the owner of the student room. 

Of course, we want to support you - as a student - as much as possible. For this reason, we have shared this legal information with the landlords of our database and have asked them to consider, if possible, an alternative (e.g. eliminating fixed costs, charging only a part of the rental price, agreeing on premature termination, …)      

Therefore, we advise you to contact the owner of your student room and discuss the possibilities together.

Does the library stay open?
Starting from May 4th, students who need to consult the collection of the Campus Library for their bachelor or master thesis, can visit the library but only by appointment via philip.speelmans@uhasselt.be
The electronic collection remains available 24/24. Through the links available on the website of the university library, you can access almost all e-sources from home. All ongoing loans will be extended and reminders will be temporarily halted. 
The Campus Library (Diepenbeek) also offers a 'grab&go' service. You can find more information on the newspages of the library website

Within the Law Library, ‘scan on demand’ is also being used for legal publications. UHasselt staff members and students can order a free scan of a journal publication or a chapter from a book (max. 30 pages) via info-rbl@uhasselt.be. We ask you to use this service only when strictly necessary. 

Will I still be able to get my course material?
The XOD Campus shop remains opened, however, completely online and delivers at home. Through your personal book list in your student file you can check which manuals and courses you need. 
You can also use the “drukwerkkiezer” (www.uh-campusshop.be) to have larger files printed at a low price and sent to your address. 

Will the restaurant stay open?
The restaurants will be closed as of Monday 23 March. Also orders of sandwiches are no longer accepted. 

Are there adjusted opening hours for the buildings?
Building D and the rectorate building in Hasselt will remain accessible (8 a.m.-7 p.m.).  Building D is only accessible via the main entrance. All other buildings are only accessible with a key or badge for researchers or other staff members who come to carry out an essential task. Staff members that are involved in social distance education may also enter the buildings to engage in necessary activities to organise or continue distance education. 
All buildings are closed on Saturday and Sunday and on public holidays.

What can I do myself to prevent the spread of the coronavirus?

  • Stay at home, especially if you are sick.
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water.
  • Keep enough distance (1.5 metres) when outdoors.
  • Limit your physical social contacts.
  • Wear a face mask on public transport and in crowded public places.

I come into contact, or have been in contact, with people who have been at risk or infected in recent weeks. What should I do?

  • If you do not show symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath), you do not have to do anything. Staff members are asked to work at home as much as possible and as far as their function allows them to do so.
  • If you show symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath) or if you are worried about anything, contact your GP or occupational doctors by telephone. If a doctor diagnoses the coronavirus, we ask you to inform UHasselt via coronavirus@uhasselt.be.

I am infected with the coronavirus, what should I do?
If you are infected with the coronavirus, you should follow the guidelines of your attending physician. In this case, we ask you to inform UHasselt via coronavirus@uhasselt.be.