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As a result of the corona measures, the organization of the upcoming exams will look somewhat different than you are used to.  
We would also like to point out that it is everyone's responsibility to take into account the general security measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Keeping your distance and washing your hands regularly are crucial, just like staying at home when you are sick. 

Please read below guidelines relating to exams carefully to ensure it is all very clear to you. (update May 19th 2020)

What do you need to know for sure?

  • The date and time of the day on which you have your exam are fixed. The campus, the building and the room may still change. Therefore, please check your exam schedule regularly. All changes will be communicated there.
  • If several rooms are available for your exam, check in which room you’ll be taking the exam. The distribution per room is stated on your exam schedule.
  • The main entrance to the building in which you have your exam will be the only entrance to the building for the duration of the exam period. There will be no other entrances. Inside the building, always follow the indicated walking directions. Stewards and/or supervisors will be present to show you the way if necessary. 
  • A written exam will have a maximum duration of 2 hours and 30 minutes. Students with special requirements implying extra time will be given an extra 45 minutes. 
  • You may enter the exam room 30 minutes before the start of your exam. Follow the instructions of the supervisors in attendance to go to your allocated space. You must take a seat according to the designated seat numbering which is indicated on the poster located outside of the room. In an auditorium you may only take a seat on the designated chairs.
  • You may enter the room for a written exam up to 30 minutes after the start of the exam, you must report the reason for lateness to the lead supervisor. 
  • If you arrive later than 30 minutes after the start time of the exam, you are no longer allowed to participate and you have to take a catch-up exam at a later time. 
  • If you want to leave the exam early, this can be done 35 minutes after the start of the exam. All other students will remain present until the end of the expected exam time. 
  • Your exam will be ready on your desk when you enter the room. You may not turn over the sheets before you receive the signal to start from the supervisor.
  • If you are allowed to use scrap paper, you will receive this with your exam. The scrap papers are lilac in colour.
  • Students with special requirements should place relevant documentation on their desk so that it is clearly visible to supervisors.
  • You may ask questions about the exam during the first 15 minutes after the start of the exam. The questions should be asked out loud and will be answered out loud. 
  • After completion of your exam, deposit it in the provided box. If you have several exam sections, make sure you put each section in the provided box. Before depositing your exam in the box, present your student card to the supervisor. The supervisor will indicate your presence on the list. You do not have to sign for attendance yourself. Together with your copy of the exam, there is a proof of participation document. Fill this in, show it to the supervisor and take it with you after the exam. Be sure to keep this document in a secure place!
  • Bring along your own face mask and wear it when you meet people outside or in the bicycle sheds, at the car parks and bus stops. Keep the mask on when entering the building and when you proceed to your exam room. 
  • If you feel uncomfortable wearing the face mask during the exam, you can take it off. Bring along a lockable plastic bag in which you can store the mask should you temporarily want to take it off. If the exam supervisor indicates that you have to wear the mask because, for example, if a fellow student will be passing by in close proximity, then follow this instruction. Once you have finished, put on your face mask before you hand in your exam and keep it on until you have left the building. 

What should you definitely do?

  • We ask every student to read and agree to the declaration of honor for taking digital exams via your student file by latest Wednesday May 20th. Hasselt University strives for honest exams for every student.
  • If you live in the Netherlands or Germany, request a certificate via studentenadministratie@uhasselt.be to enable you to cross the border. 
  • Bring your student card or identity card to each exam, this is mandatory. 
  • Follow the indicated walking direction on site and follow the instructions and directions of the stewards and supervisors.
  • Keep sufficient social distance on campus, in the corridors and in the exam rooms.
  • When entering a Hasselt University building, you must disinfect your hands. Disinfectant will be provided. 
  • Make sure you visit the toilet before the start of the exam. Close the toilet lid before flushing and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.
  • Keep your coat and bag under the table or chair according to the instructions of the supervisors.
  • Do not arrive for the exam too early, so that large groups can be avoided. If you arrive earlier due to circumstances (eg because you come by public transport), please wait in the waiting area specially provided for this.
  • Go home or to your student room immediately after the exam. Don't hang around on campus. 
  • Have you been ill, do you live with a person who is infected or suspected of Covid-19, do you belong to a risk group or do you have an allergy? Then follow these guidelines:
    • If you are ill, you should stay at home, contact your doctor and inform the university that you cannot take the exam.
    • If you have been ill (and are suspected of a Covid infection) you can participate in the exam provided that you: 
      • stayed at home at least seven days from the onset of the symptoms and that you are symptom-free (no fever without the use of antipyretics, no respiratory complaints , no sense of illness) 
      • wear a surgical face mask for 14 days (if social distancing cannot be respected)
    • If you live with a person with confirmed or suspected Covid-19 you may attend the exam provided you do not show symptoms (wearing a surgical mask is recommended).
    • If you run a higher risk to become severely ill with the coronavirus you should contact your doctor to ask whether he considers it appropriate to take the exams.
    • If you suffer an allergy (coughing/sneezing), you should bring you bottle of alcoholgel with you to disinfect you hands (spraygel is provided in each room). Also bring your own paper tissues and a sealable plastic bag to store the used tissues. 


Useful to know:

  • The Studentpoint and the student desks in Diepenbeek and Hasselt are open on exam days from 10am to 1pm. To reach these areas you have to follow the walking directions. Don't hesitate to contact student support if you experience difficulties.
  • We prefer that you come to campus by bike or on foot if possible. To limit physical contact as much as possible, the use of public transport is currently only recommended for those who have no alternative. If you come by car, we ask that you travel alone or have someone drop you off.
  • Buildings are open at 7 a.m. 
  • A first aid room is provided on every campus. 
  • If you become ill during the exam, please report this to the supervisor, a steward will guide you to first aid. 
  • The exam sheets are kept in a closed box for 24 hours after printing. The same goes for completed exam sheets before they are corrected. Distribution of the exam sheets will be done with gloves on with hands having been disinfected beforehand.
  • The exam rooms and waiting areas are disinfected after each exam.
  • If you want to order a sandwich for lunch, you can do so in advance via Umami's ordering app (in Dutch). 
  • You will be allowed to bring your own bottle of water, without a label, to the exam. The vending machines are out of use. 
  • There is a limited number of spare face masks and plastic bags for students who have forgotten to bring their own, but we are counting on everyone's sense of responsibility.
  • During the exams, stewards and supervisors will be happy to help you on the spot should you have any questions, therefore don't hesitate to ask them if you need help. 
  • If you have two exams on the same day and you cannot go to your student room or go home during the interval, you can wait in the areas at the Agora and the restaurant. Studying in the library is not allowed.