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Deliverable name WP Nature Dissemination
Delivery Date
(M = month)
D.1.1 Report on big data available and privacy aspects 1 Report Public M12
D.2.1 Semantically enriched socio-mobility patterns and social network models: preliminary results 2 Report Public M12
D.7.1 Project Presentation: MS Powerpoint presentation and website providing a general description of the project as required by the EC standards 7 Other Public M3
D.7.2 Project Advisory Board meeting: First meeting of the Advisory Board, presenting the project framework and the proposed solution to an Advisory Board consisting of data-providers, policy makers and inter-disciplinary scientists. 7 Other Public M12
D.8.1 First Annual Project Report 8 Report Consortium M12
D.1.2 Final data manager and data warehouse storage infrastructure 1 Report Public 24
D.2.2 Semantic-enriched data-driven theory of mobility demand and final framework for integration 2 Report Public 24
D.3.1 Behaviourally-sensitive simulator design ready for the calculation of Mobility-EV scenarios 3 Report Public 24
D.4.1 Development of a novel evaluation and benchmarking standard 4 Report Public 24
D.5.1 Schemes for global monitoring and control of distributed agents 5 Report Public 24
D.7.3 Project Advisory Board meeting: Final meeting with the Advisory Board, presenting the results of the project and scenario evaluations 7 Other Public 24
D.8.2 Second Annual Project Report 8 Report Consortium 24
D.3.2 Prototype development of a fully integrated data-driven simulator 3 Report Public 36
D.4.2 Description of integration of the new standard in the simulator 4 Report Public 36
D.5.2 Schemes for inference from agents 5 Report Public 36
D.6.1 Scenario M1, M2 and M3 evaluation and assessment of societal relevance 6 Report Public 36
D.7.4 Final project advisory board meeting 7 Other Public 36
D.8.3 Third Annual Project Report 8 Report Consortium 36