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Doctoral School of Behavioral Sciences & Humanities

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An overview of the minimal requirements postulated by the Faculty of Architecture & Arts is shown below.

Fulfilling these requirements is obligatory for all PhD students who started their PhD from September 2013 on.

You will need to complete this logbook and submit it (by sending it to the doctoral school coordinator). Only when your logbook is approved, you will get the permission to defend your PhD. It is recommended to keep the document up to date throughout your doctoral trajectory, in order to keep track of your progress.

Exemption from (certain) doctoral school requirements can only be requested within three months after starting the PhD, by completing this template and sending it to the doctoral school coordinator.



research output

  • PhD dissertation (articles or monograph) and
  • at least 1 paper in a peer-reviewed academic journal or
  • at least 1 contribution to a professional journal or
  • artistic output or design

teaching skills

  • at least 3 teaching assignments throughout PhD trajectory (content may vary)
  • attend at least 1 session of educational training

research management & communication skills

  • attend at least 1 course/workshop aimed at developing general communication skills (e.g., academic English, presentation skills, ...)
  • attend at least 2 courses/workshops aimed at developing general research skills (e.g., writing scientific papers, project management, ...)
  • present at least 2 internal doctoral seminars

advanced discipline-specific knowledge

  • regular participation in internal doctoral seminars
  • attend at least 2 presentations / year of international speakers
  • take 1 domain-specific course organized at PhD level

ethics & integrity

  • attend at least 1 session on research ethics and integrity (preferably in year 2)


  • give at least 3 presentations at various international conferences

IP & valorisation

  • attend at least 1 session related to IP and/or valorisation 

career management & personal development

  • attend at least 1 session aimed at career management and/or personal development