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Doctoral School of Behavioral Sciences & Humanities

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Doctoral School of Behavioral Sciences & Humanities

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The mission of the Doctoral School of Behavioral Sciences & Humanities is to train PhD candidates to be excellent research professionals who are broadly employable, both in and outside the academic sector.

According to the Flemish Interuniversity Council (Vlaamse Interuniversitaire Raad, VLIR), excellent research professionals are characterized by the following qualities:

  • team players and powerful individuals
  • strategic insight combined with highly developed analytical skills
  • experienced organizers with excellent project and time management skills
  • enterprising, proactive go-getters
  • outstanding communicators
  • creative thinkers with great improvisational skills
  • adapted to work in international environments

In order to achieve this mission, the doctoral school offers a qualitatively rich curriculum, with attention to the development of both discipline-specific knowledge/skills and more general or so-called 'transferable' knowledge/skills. In addition, the doctoral school wants to play a supportive role throughout the doctoral trajectory. Flexibility is considered an important keyword.

The goal is threefold:

  1. monitor the quality of the doctoral research,
  2. create a stimulating research environment,
  3. offer opportunities for both personal and professional growth.