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Doctoral School of Behavioral Sciences & Humanities

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Doctoral School of Behavioral Sciences & Humanities

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The target group of the Doctoral School of Behavioral Sciences & Humanities consists of all PhD students of the Faculty of Architecture & Arts, the Faculty of Business Economics, the Faculty of Law, and the School of Educational Studies.

PhD students who have started their PhD on or after September 1, 2013, are obliged to follow the rules and regulations of the doctoral school and to fulfill the minimal requirements postulated by their faculty.

PhD students who have started their PhD before this date can choose to take the full program as well, or to apply for specific courses or workshops. In case of limited availability, priority will always be given to those who are taking the full program.

Several of the courses in the curriculum of the doctoral school are also open to, or even organized specifically for, postdoctoral researchers of the three faculties mentioned above. This will always be clearly communicated.