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Doctoral School of Behavioral Sciences & Humanities

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On April 3, 2014, the Doctoral School of Behavioral Sciences & Humanities was officially launched.


Rector Luc De Schepper gave a speech about the challenges PhD students are confronted with today and the importance of doctoral education, not only for PhD students, but also for the university and even society in general. Next, Daniëlle Gilliot, representative of viceminister-president of the Flemish government Ingrid Lieten, talked about how the doctoral school program is embedded in the goals of the Flemish government and about the value the government attaches to supporting the career of young researchers.

speech rector

Rector Luc De Schepper

speech Daniëlle Gilliot

Daniëlle Gilliot


Professor Sandra Streukens, director of the Doctoral School of Behavioral Sciences & Humanities, was glowing with pride when she presented the eight focus points of the curriculum to the audience. These focus points were then brought to life by personal testimonies by PhD students from the Faculty of Architecture and Arts, the Faculty of Business Economics and the Faculty of Law.

speech Sandra Streukens

Prof. Sandra Streukens

PhD students and board of the doctoral school

PhD students who presented their work, together with the management board of the doctoral school


Next, the program and goals of the doctoral school were placed in a broader context by Stefaan Hermans from the Research & Innovation Department of the European Commission, and by Aletta Wubben, specialized in the coaching and training of researchers.

speech Stefaan Hermans

Stefaan Hermans

speech Aletta Wubben

Aletta Wubben


the audience having fun


In order to officially launch the Doctoral School of Behavioral Sciences & Humanities, all parties involved enthusiastically pressed a big red button.

red button