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All general information and regulations regarding doing a PhD at UHasselt can be found on the university's research website (Dutch version - English version). A complete overview of procedural details throughout the doctoral trajectory is also available (Dutch version - English version). On that webpage, you also find all information related to the end phase of your PhD.

Additional important information:

  • Because (most of) you have two e-mail accounts (student and personnel), it is recommended to (automatically) forward the e-mails from your student account to your personnel account. Most colleagues will send e-mails to your personnel account. However, the doctoral school communication will initially arrive only at your student account. After your doctoral file has been approved by the faculty council, you will receive the doctoral school communication on both accounts.
  • Keep track of your doctoral school activities throughout your PhD. A digital procedure is used for the acknowledgement of activities within the framework of the minimal requirements, generating an overview of the progress made in your individual doctoral school portfolio on Google Drive. This document can be consulted at any time by you, your supervisor and the doctoral school’s management team.