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Q: When are we informed about new activities of the DS?

A: Since academic year 2016-2017 we do not send separate invitations for each course/information session/workshop. The activities that will be organized by the DS are mentioned on the website of the DS. Every three weeks, a newsletter will be sent to all PhD students, postdocs and ZAP. In this newsletter, all activities that are open for registration will be announced. 

Q: How does the 'waiting list' works?

A: If the number of places are limited for a certain course, it is possible that we have to make a selection. We try to inform you about the decision (selected or not) at least 3 weeks before the start of the course. If you are not selected, we will put your name on a waiting list. Next time the course is organized and you still want to follow that course, please register again. You will receive priority if we have to make a selection.

Q: Can master courses be acknowledged in fulfilment of the minimal requirements of the doctoral school?

A: Master courses taken during the course of the PhD can be acknowledged, on condition that there is a formal evaluation generating a personal score. The test result can replace the proof of attendance that is typically to be delivered. You also need to be registered officialy for that master course. If you want to take a master course at Hasselt University, please contact the student administration office (studentenadministratie@uhasselt.be). 

Q: Can bachelor courses be acknowledged in fulfilment of the minimal requirements of the doctoral school?

A: No.

Q: How can I add activities to my DS portfolio?

A. The procedure to add activities to your DS portfolio is described here.

Q: How can I prove that I attended a seminar/research presentation?

A: If you attend a seminar/research presentation from an external speaker and you want to add this to your DS-portfolio, you need to show a proof of attedance. Preferably, this is a declaration signed by the organizer of the seminar/research presentation. If you do not have this, a signed declaration of your promoter can also be added as a proof. 

Q: What do I need to provide as proof for teaching assignments?

A: As proof for a teaching assignment, you preferable send a time table which shows you were involved in a certain teaching assignment, including the amount of hours you were involved. If a time table is not availabe, a signed declaration of your promoter in which he/she confirms your participation in the teaching assignment is also valid.

In case of supervision, you preferably send the first page of the thesis of the student, if your name is mentioned on that page. If this is not the case, a signed declaration of your promoter in which he/she confirms you supervised a student is also valid.

Q: How frequently are doctoral school activities organized? 

This depends on the topic. For the more generic categories (scientific or generic communication, career or personal development), the offer is bigger (and thus courses more frequent) because various topics fit within these categories. Activities on more specific topics (e.g. literature searching skills, reviewing skills, ethics, …) are typically organized once a year. That way, PhD students have on average four chances to attend them. The frequency of these sessions is necessarily lower, because of the following reasons: (1) Since the topics are already quite specific, less variability in content is possible, (2) the availability of the UHasselt staff that typically gives these sessions needs to be taken into account, and (3) more frequent organisation may lead to too small numbers of participants. Importantly, sessions attended elsewhere may also be acknowledged if they fit the requirements.