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Are you approaching the end of your PhD or postdoc? Then you might start to wonder what the next step in your career could be ...

What are my professional strengths as a young researcher and in which non-academic jobs can I apply them? How do I learn to better profile myself and build a professional network? How do I create a convincing CV? What kind of organisation would make me feel at home?

So many questions, so few answers ... But don't worry! That is where myCareerCompanion comes in. 

myShortlist and the UHasselt Doctoral Schools are proud to join hands and offer you access to a cutting-edge online career orientation tool. This digital platform will be an invaluable asset in gaining insight in your professional profile and will allow you to take a jump-start to brand yourself. It offers you personalized output on jobs that suit you as well as the type of organisation and working environment that will make you feel at home.

Grab the unique opportunity to thoroughly prepare yourself for the job market!


myCareerCompanion is a scientifically based online career orientation platform that helps you make the most of your talents. It guides you through your entire job search, from discovering what you want till landing your dream job. You will learn about your strengths, interests and career drivers, and receive a shortlist of possible job functions and working environments that naturally fit your profile.

Furthermore, myCareerCompanion offers a wide range of courses which will help you to shape your career. Acquire actionable knowledge and improve your skills.

Get to know yourself
Based on five questionnaires, you will learn about your strengths, interests, and job preferences. Our scientifically validated algorithm translates your results into possible job functions and company cultures that naturally fit your profile. All nicely made visible in your myCareerCompass section.

Learn and develop your skills
The myCourses section of your account on myCareerCompanion offers a wide range of courses that will help you to shape your career, build your brand, acquire actionable knowledge and improve your skills.


For whom?

  • All PhD students and postdocs may apply for an account.

How and when?

  • Send a motivation statement to doctoralschools@uhasselt.be. It is important to explain why you think access to this platform may be useful for you, as we want to make sure that assigned accounts are actually being used. Only people providing a clear motivation will be assigned an account. Please also include your faculty and the start and end date of your contract.
  • It is possible to apply for an account at any time throughout the year, except during the summer holidays.
  • Once you have been assigned an account, you will receive a unique access code which can be used to log on to the platform a first time. You will need to create an account, after which you do not need the code any more. When creating your account, it is recommended to use an email address which will remain active indefinitely, as this will allow lifelong access to the platform.