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ACTIVITIES 2017-2018

Below is an overview of the doctoral school activities in academic year 2017-2018, open to PhD students and/or postdocs from all three doctoral schools. Activities targeting PhD supervisors are communicated by e-mail.

As soon as all necessary information is available, you can click the activity title in the table below in order to get more details about content, target group and practical arrangements. All activities are in English, unless explicitly mentioned otherwise.

Training in research skills & transferable skills

SUBJECT/TITLE for PhD students? for postdocs? DATE REGISTRATION
Academic English x   see webpage closed
An introduction to technology transfer x   April 18, 2018 closed
Assertive communication (Dutch) x x Nov 22 & 29 + Dec 20, 2017 closed
Bedrijfskunde (postgraduaat - Dutch)   throughout the year (academic year 2018-2019) closed
Coaching for growth x Dec 11 & 12, 2017 closed
Communicating science to a wider audience: Public engagement x   March 22, 2018 closed
Cross-cultural communication in academic environments x x Jan 30 & Febr 26, 2018 closed
Effective graphical displays x   May 28 & June 8, 2018 closed
Effective scientific communication x   Febr/March 2018 closed
English writing and presentation x   April 18, 2018 closed
Fiscaal en sociaal statuut van doctorandi: bursalen versus assistenten (Dutch) x   May 23, 2018 closed
Flanders Training Network for Methodology and Statistics (FLAMES) x x throughout the year see webpage
FLAMES Method in Research Design x x Nov 27-29, 2017 closed
FLAMES Summer School x x Sept 10-21, 2018 see webpage
Getting your research to the media x x June 19, 2018 closed
Grow your self-leadership  x x Febr 19-20, 2018 closed
How to prepare a successful funding strategy and grant application x x Sept 10, 2018 closed
Innovatief lesgeven en trainen (Dutch) x x throughout the year (academic year 2018-2019) closed
Modules on teaching and education x x throughout the year see webpage
PhD management - module 1: Successfully applying project and time management principles x  

1st edition: Nov 17, 2017

2nd edition: Jan 22, 2018

3rd edition: March 8, 2018

4th edition: May 31, 2018

1st edition (2018-2019): Nov 12, 2018


PhD management - module 2: Successfully dealing with stakeholders x  

1st edition: Dec 7, 2017

2nd edition: Febr 5, 2018

3rd edition: March 20, 2018

4th edition: June 13, 2018


PhDrinks: How to stay sane during your PhD x   May 18, 2018 closed
PhDrinks: Not like that, like this... Better networking x   Sept 14, 2018 closed
Presentation skills for applicants for FWO grants for SB research x   Oct 2, 9 & 23, 2017 closed
Project management x x April 27 & May 4, 2018 closed
Public speaking x  

1st edition: April 25 & May 9, 2018

2nd edition: Sept 24 & Oct 8, 2018

Science figured out: workshop 'pitching your research' + video recordings x x April 17 & May 14, 2018 closed
Summer school Science communication 'Let's talk science' x x July 3-4, 2018 closed
Understanding yourself and others: Building your resilience x   March 23, 2018 closed
Understanding yourself and others: Maintaining your motivation and building independence x   March 22, 2018 closed
Understanding yourself and others: Recognise stress and coping strategies x   March 23, 2018 closed
Value proposition x x cancelled closed
Value proposition (changed format) x x


VCS courses x x throughout the year see webpage
Visual facilitation x x Sept 27 & 28, 2018 closed
Writing for non-specialists and press x x May 15 & 22, 2018 closed
Writing for success: Understanding the reviewer x   March 21, 2018 closed
Writing workshop: statement of purpose & personal statement x   Dec 11, 2017 closed

Career guidance & career development

SUBJECT/TITLE for PhD students? for postdocs? DATE REGISTRATION
Career development: Gain insight into your talents and ambitions (English) x x 1/2 - 15/2 - 1/3 - 15/3 - 29/3 - 19/4 closed
Gender & diversity seminar: Successful teamleadership by sensitivity for diversity x x Sept 17, 2018 closed
Grow your future career x x cancelled closed
Individual career coaching (VDAB) x x several starting points closed
Individual CV counseling x x

1st edition: March 21, 2018

2nd edition: Sept 13, 2018

Mentoring trajectory for PhD students x x throughout the year closed
Mentoring workshop x x Dec 13, 2017 closed
PhD 2.0: What's next? x x June 18 & 19, 2018 closed


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