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This two-day workshop by Jean-luc Doumont and Geneviève Casterman (Principiae) entails three half-day class meetings in plenary group, devoted to conceptual discussion, analysis of examples and feedback on homework. Participants who have already taken 'Fundamentals' as part of the course 'Effective scientific communication' need not take it again.

The foundation of the approach: basic principles that apply to documents, presentations and graphs. Planning: how to plan a document or presentation.

Effective graphical displays 1
Choosing the right graph on the basis of the (quantitative) data and the message or research question. Optimizing the graph. Writing a caption that conveys a message.

  • Homework: Choose an existing graphical display, criticize it (both positive points and shortcomings), then display the set of data in a more effective way.

Effective graphical displays 2
An analysis in subgroups of the graphical solutions turned in as homework. A case exercise: creating graphs to answer questions about a given data set.

For whom?

  • PhD students


  • April 30, 2019, 9:00-17:00 & May 14, 2019, 9:00-12:30
  • Participation on both days is required.
  • A sandwich lunch will be provided on April 30.


  • April 30: campus Diepenbeek, building D, room A6.
  • May 14: campus Diepenbeek, building D, room A4.


  • Registration is closed.
  • As places are limited, registering does not automatically imply that you will be able to participate. You will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Acknowledged as?

  • DS BSH: categorie 'research management & communication skills' - workshop aimed at developing general research skills
  • DS MLS: category 'transferable skills' - one compulsory elective course
  • DS ST: category 'scientific & generic communication' - one course about scientific and generic communication