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Below is an overview of the available training in research skills and transferable skills, open to PhD students and/or postdocs from all three doctoral schools in 2020. 'Transferable' skills are skills that can be transferred to non-academic work environments.

As soon as all necessary information is available, you can click the activity title in the table below in order to get more details on content, target group and practical arrangements. All activities are in English, unless explicitly mentioned otherwise.

When registering for an activity, please carefully consider our cancellation & no-show policy.

SUBJECT/TITLE for PhD students? for postdocs? DATE REGISTRATION
Academic English x   see details see details
Academic leadership for postdocs - module 1: Solution focused influencing and leading   x 02 & 15/06/20  click here until 30/04/20
Academic leadership for postdocs - module 2: Team cooperation, stakeholder analysis & networking   x  14-15/10/20  
Assertief communiceren (Dutch) x x 12 & 19/02/20 + 11/03/20 closed 
Bedrijfskunde (postgraduaat SEE - Dutch) x x throughout the year  
Coaching for growth x x 19-20/03/20 cancelled
Collaborating successfully with others x x 01/12/20   
Create scientific posters with impact x   05/06/20  click here until 29/04/20 
Digital identity and networking x x    
Dutch language course - starters level (level 1) - blended learning x x March-June 2020 closed
Dutch language course - intermediate level (advanced): B1 to B2(+) x x March-June 2020 closed
Effective scientific communication x   Februari/March 2020  closed
Flanders Training Network for Methodology and Statistics (FLAMES) x x throughout the year see FLAMES webpage
FLAMES: Introduction to JMP x x 22/04/20 see FLAMES webpage
FLAMES: Introduction to R x x 11, 12, 18, 19 & 25/06/20 see FLAMES webpage
FLAMES summer school x x 07-18/09/20   
Gender & diversity seminar x x 04/06/20  click here until 29/04/20 
Getting your research to the media x x 20/10/20   
How the brain brings a healthy peak performance x x  07-08/12/20  
How to handle conflict situations x x 17/06/20  click here until 13/05/20 
Innovatief lesgeven en trainen (SEE - Dutch) x x throughout the year  
Intercultural communication x x 16 & 23/03/20 closed
Makerspace: Create lab setups or casings or much more with a lasercutter x   15/04/20 click here until 30/03/20 
Makerspace: 3D-printen the how-to x   22/04/20 click here until 30/03/20 
Modules on teaching and education x x throughout the year see webpage
Negotiation skills x x 04 & 18/05/20  click here until 30/03/20
PhD management - module 1: Successfully applying project and time management principles x  

1st edition: 29/01/20
2nd edition: 04/03/20
3th edition: 07/05/20 

click here until 07/04/20
PhD management - module 2: Successfully dealing with stakeholders x   1st edition: 09/03/20
2nd edition: 13/05/20

 click here until 07/04/20

PhD introduction day x   1st edition: 20/02/20
2nd edition: 12/11/20 
see details
PhDrinks: The added value of internationalisation during and after a PhD x   05/06/20 click here until 04/05/20 
PhDrinks (2) x      
Populariserend schrijven (Dutch) x x 09 & 16/01/20 closed
Presentation skills for applicants for FWO grants for SB research x      
Presentation skills for applicants for FWO PhD fellowships x      
Presentation skills for applicants for FWO grants - postdocs   x    
Project management for postdocs (trajectory)   x  05/05/20, 26/05/20 & 15/09/20  click here until 06/04/20
Public speaking x   29/04 & 27/05/20 click here until 27/03/20
Publication ethics: Where are the gaps and how can we address them x x 1st edition: 31/03/20
2nd edition: 01/04/20
Real creativity - a practical approach to problem solving x x  02-03/12/20  
Science figured out: workshop 'pitching your research' + video recordings x

24/04 & 19/05/20 

Science to Business x x 28-30/10/20 closed
Stress and resilience for researchers x x 30/01 & 05/03/20 closed
Summer school science communication 'Let's talk science' x x


Value proposition x x 17/11/20   
VCS courses x x throughout the year see VSC webpage

In the context of this training, UHasselt will either process your personal data internally (internally organized training courses) or pass it on to the training office (external training courses). Your personal data will only be used for purposes related to the training courses for which you register (e.g., intake interview, sending course material, confirmation of your presence, practical agreements, ...).
The processing of your personal data has its lawful basis in the legitimate interest of UHasselt to stimulate the development of junior researchers and to ensure a good skills management.
For more information about the various rights and obligations in the field of privacy, you can always consult our Privacy statement on the intranet. To exercise your rights, you can turn to privacy@uhasselt.be.
Finally, you have the right to make a complaint to the supervisory authority, in Belgium called the Data Protection Authority.

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