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EDM is intensely involved in the bachelor and master program of Computer Science at Hasselt University. The complete program takes five years, consisting of three bachelor years and two master years. An overview of the bachelor and master program in Computer Science is available at the Computer Science website of UHasselt (only available in Dutch).

The bachelor program is based on the concept of active self study, focussing on gaining knowledge, insights as well as skill development. This approach lays the foundation for lifelong education.

The master program offers six study profiles: Visual Computing, Networking & Security, Health Informatics, Engineering Interactive Systems, Data Management and Theoretical Computer Science. The first four are intensely connected to and strongly supported by the EDM's research in the areas of 'visual computing',  'networked and secure systems'  and 'human-computer interaction'.

EDM faculty members coordinate the majority of the courses in the program and are assisted by PhD students and (post-doc) researchers. As a research partner of the industry, EDM is well aware of the industry desired profile of future computer science graduates. So EDM is ideally placed to integrate a well balanced mix of (scientific) knowledge as well as skills into the computer science program.