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Master in Transportation Sciences by distance learning

Master in Transportation Sciences by distance learning

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Students can choose between a specialization in:

  • Traffic Safety 
  • Mobility Management

Traffic safety is a global - growing - problem. In their lifetime, 1 in 3 citizens is involved in a traffic accident with casualties. In the specialisation Traffic Safety, students investigate which factors (infrastructure, vehicle, road user) cause traffic accidents and how these risks can be decreased. In this specialisation, attention is paid to technological innovations with regard to infrastructure and vehicle, as well as to how to understand and influence human behaviour through policy, education and sensitisation. The programme also has a driving simulator at its disposal. With the driving simulator, students can carry out experiments into the effects of physical, mental and visual limitations and the effects of road design and environment on driving behaviour in a controlled environment.

In the specialisation mobility management, students focus on how to influence modal choice and how to organise transport. If a certain traffic and transportation supply is created by means of road networks, public transport systems, bicycle networks … it is up to you as transportation expert to tackle the challenge of using this supply as efficiently (minimum of traffic jams) and sustainable as possible. This requires a multidisciplinary approach. E.g. to influence the behaviour of individuals in favour of sustainable transport modes (bus, train or bicycle), transportation managers have to develop a set of services or tools which complement infrastructural and pricing measures.