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Hasselt University develops its first MOOC

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Hasselt University develops its first MOOC    Apr 29, 2016

Hasselt University develops its first MOOC
Apr 29, 2016

The Bachelor/Master of Transportation Sciences is currently developing a MOOC for the course ‘Transport Systems & Transport Policy’ of the master in Transportation Sciences. Yesterday, we filmed ‘Urban planning’, a module within this course. It is a highlight for Hasselt University, as it – thanks to this first MOOC – follows in the footsteps of international, world-renowned universities such as Harvard, Stanford and Yale. “That highlight can also be taken literally. We recorded our first video in the Sky Lounge in Hasselt. Where do we have a better view on urban planning than high up in the sky?”, said Mario Gielen, Educational advisor Blended Learning.

MOOC stands for massive open online course. A MOOC is an online course, aimed at large-scale participation and free access via the web. “You can attend the course from any location and at any time. Furthermore, this concept mainly emphasizes innovation and interaction. The traditional course materials such as textbooks, powerpoints and videos, are complemented with online discussion forums and online assignments. In brief: we offer a blended learning course”, explains Mario Gielen.

The first MOOC of Hasselt University, which we are currently developing, focuses on the course ‘Transport Systems & Transport Policy’. “The video that we recorded yesterday, introduces a particular module within the MOOC: ‘Urban Planning’ taught by Tim De Ceunynck. We want to inform future students about our master programme. What can they expect? What do we expect from them?”, said educational advisor Mario Gielen. In the afternoon, the camera crew went to the city centre to film student life in Hasselt.

This MOOC is just the beginning. Many more courses are likely to follow. “This academic year, we concentrate on just one course so we can elaborate the MOOC in every detail. Next academic year, we will develop a MOOC for the course ‘Introduction to Transportation Research’. We hope that other faculties of Hasselt University will follow our example in the near future.”