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Judith Urlings selected for the Science Battle    Mar 01, 2016

Judith Urlings selected for the Science Battle
Mar 01, 2016

Judith Urlings was selected by a jury of children for the Science Battle. On Monday, May 9, 2016, she presents her research to the pupils of the elementary school VBS Sint-Willibrordus in Maasmechelen.

An excellent researcher doesn’t only understand complex ideas. He knows how to communicate about it in an easy to understand way. Communicating clearly delivers support, new ideas and perhaps even funding. But where do you learn how to communicate clearly? According to The Floor is Yours, the answer is simple: by explaining it to a child. Therefore, The Floor is Yours organizes, in cooperation with Mundo, the second edition of the Science Battle. 25 scientists battle for the desirable trophy for ‘Best research presentation’. In the preliminaries, five scientists have to compete to each other.

Judith Urlings signed up for this competition and earned a spot in the battle of the province Limburg. “We use a driving simulator for our research. You can compare a driving simulator to a driving videogame where you need to steer and break. Some of the grandparents never drove in a driving simulator before. This research is not only useful to keep the traffic safe and to keep grandpa and grandma mobile, it also is quite an adventure for them!” Thanks to these words, the PhD-student had won her ticket to the competition. The 1st to 6th grade students selected her research as one of the five best proposals in Limburg.

Monday, May 9, 2016, will be D-Day for Judith Urlings. She will bring every trick to the table to engage the children and to draw their attention. The pupils of VBS Sint-Willibrordus will vote in favor of their favorite presentation. So, they get to decide who will go to the Grande Finale. Before the participants take the stage, they complete a course in presentation techniques.

What does Judith Urlings examine? The older we get, the more difficulties we face while driving. The PhD-student tests if the elderly are still capable of driving. Are they able to judge a traffic situation correctly? Or do they bring other road users at risk? She also investigates, if the driving ability of the elderly can be trained.

We keep our fingers crossed!

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