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Master’s thesis of Mathijs Biesbrouck and Arne Nys awarded by AXA    Jul 06, 2016

Master’s thesis of Mathijs Biesbrouck and Arne Nys awarded by AXA
Jul 06, 2016

Mathijs Biesbrouck and Arne Nys, graduates in Transportation Sciences, won the AXA-price for their Master’s thesis. With a diploma and the AXA-price under their belt, they proudly left the building of Hasselt University one last time.

Mathijs Biesbrouck – Pedestrian Forward Collision Warning

More and more cars are equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). In this thesis, Mathijs Biesbrouck focused on one specific ADAS: Pedestrian Forward Collision Warning (PFCW). That system alerts drivers of an impending collision with a pedestrian by means of an audible, visual or haptic signal. “The timing of the warning is of great importance. A warning that is issued too early, might irritate the driver. A late warning might not leave the driver with enough time to appropriately react to the signal. Both situations might lead to turning off the system”, said Mathijs Biesbrouck.

About fifty people participated in the driving simulator experiment. During this experiment, the master student aimed to assess the effect of timing of a PFCW on the reaction time of the driver and the acceptance rate. “The timing of the warning signal has an influence on the acceptance rate. The better the timing, the higher the willingness to accept the system. Further research should be conducted on the effect of timing on the reaction time”, concluded Mathijs.

Arne Nys – Mobile Public Transport Travel Assistant

Global positioning system (GPS). It became almost indispensable in the car. The technology brings drivers faultlessly from point A to B and suggests an alternative route in case of severe traffic disruption. “Why doesn’t there exist a similar system for public transport users?”, wondered Arne Nys. In this thesis, the master student developed a prototype of a mobile travel assistant for public transport that guides the user during the complete journey.

“The application offers more than real-time information on public transport services. It is a door-to-door travel assistant: it departs from your home and guides you to your final destination. How do I walk from home to the bus stop? Which route do I follow from the station to my final destination? The application also integrates real-time information and provides instant alternative suggestions in case of delays or other disruptions”, said Arne Nys. The prototype scored very well: 77 out of 134 respondents indicate in an online survey that they are very satisfied with the application in general.