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Master students in Transportation Sciences on excursion in Maastricht    Feb 26, 2016

Master students in Transportation Sciences on excursion in Maastricht
Feb 26, 2016

Getting in touch with the field is an important pillar in the Master of Transportation Sciences. We seize every opportunity to get in touch with the field with both hands. On Friday February 19, we arranged an excursion to Maastricht for our master students. They visited ‘The Green Carpet’, an infrastructure project of consortium Avenue2.

On February 19, 2016, the master students in Transportation Sciences arrived early on the campus of the Hasselt University. Their touring car left at 8.45 am sharp to Maastricht. In this Dutch city, there is a project running called ‘The Green Carpet’ (De Groene Loper). The motorway A2 that cuts through the city centre, will be replaced by a stacked tunnel. Two tunnel tubes – with two lanes in each tube – will be placed one above the other. The upper tunnel is reserved for local traffic, while the lower tunnel is intended for through traffic. Aboveground, the city gets a cloak of green. 2,000 lime trees as well as a park lane avenue run from north to south. It is an unique project in Europe.

But how does it all work? Which preparations precede such a project? How do you let the traffic circulate freely during the road works? The master students in Transportation Sciences got an inside view. Environmental manager Jeroen Maas explained the project to them. Jolanda Van Gool, graduate of the master Transportation Sciences at the Hasselt University, went more deeply into traffic management. After the presentations, we visited the tunnel. An amazing experience said Syeda Amena: “There I saw the construction work of an underground tunnel for motorized transport providing faster connections to European cities. It is one of the best practices in Europe from design, environment, transport mobility and road safety perspective. I found emergency exits for passengers an original approach towards improving safety."

All of our students agree that they have learned a lot during their day in Maastricht. "The discussion with professionals working in the field of Transportation was worthy as I got aware of current developments and more importantly future technologies", told Syeada Amena. Muhammad Mashhood Arif was also enthusiastic about the excursion: "The excursion to A2 Maastricht was a highly informative jaunt for me. The project is a sustainable step towards transport networking for Maastricht Region by improving quality of life. The speakers enlighten us in a much comprehensible manner that it would be real asset for community in future by resolving the problems of city bottlenecks and congestion. The day was well spent with tempting lunch in the end. A big thanks to our instructors for arranging such an instructive recreation!”