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Prof. Dr Ansar Yasar went to Brussels: filming for the MOOC

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Prof. Dr Ansar Yasar went to Brussels: filming for the MOOC    Jul 14, 2016

Prof. Dr Ansar Yasar went to Brussels: filming for the MOOC
Jul 14, 2016

While the students enjoy their well-deserved holiday, the Bachelor/Master of Transportation Sciences is intensively working on the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). The first video, ‘Urban planning’ with Tim De Ceunynck, was recorded in the Sky Lounge in Hasselt. Now, Prof. Dr Ansar Yasar went to Brussels to visualize the negative impacts of mobility on our environment.

Prof. Dr Ansar Yasar went to Jubelpark in Brussels and Nossegem, a sub-municipality of Zaventem, to record a video about the ‘Impact of mobility on environment’. “That is a module within the course ‘Transport Systems & Transport Policy’. In this module, I talk about the negative impacts of mobility on our environment such as air pollution, noise nuisance and increasing road causalities”, said Prof. Dr Ansar Yasar.

“Nossegem illustrates this perfectly. The citizens of Nossegem live under the Brussels Airport flight path and thus many airplanes pass over the sub-municipality at low altitude on a daily basis. This situation inevitably has an impact on citizens living in this area.” He discusses several solutions and elaborates on possible problems. “Which new technologies can decrease negative impacts of transport? What is required to implement those technologies? Why is it so difficult for governments to change the current transport system?”

MOOC to be released next academic year

“The Bachelor/Master of Transportation Sciences is not a branch of studies that pops up in one’s mind right away when deciding about one’s future. Although our Bachelor/Master programme has a lot of perspectives to offer, most students end up choosing Economics or Law. Unknown, unloved? This MOOC is the ideal opportunity to give potential students an impression of what this Master programme is all about. What can they expect? What do we expect from them?”, said Dr Mario Gielen, project manager and educational advisor at IMOB.

Within the framework of this pilot of Hasselt University, Dr Mario Gielen and his colleague Dr Caroline Ariën plan to release the MOOC next academic year in the Master of Transportation Sciences. “By introducing the MOOC in our master programme, we can easily test it out and evaluate it. How does the MOOC work? Is there anything to be improved? Once the teething troubles are identified and ironed out, we launch the MOOC on the international market”, said Dr Caroline Ariën, coordinator Education.

Massive open online course

MOOC stands for massive open online course. A MOOC is an online course, aimed at large-scale participation and free access via the web. The students can attend the course from any location and at any time. Furthermore, this concept mainly emphasizes innovation and interaction. “The traditional course materials such as textbooks, powerpoints and videos, are complemented with online discussion forums and online assignments. In brief: we offer a blended learning course”, explains Mario Gielen.