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Master of Statistics

Master of Statistics

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3. Timing

The optimal timing for most students is detailed below. However, if the project you would like to submit, requires a different timing, please indicate this on the project proposal form and we will discuss it further with you.

Optimal timing :
•    Collection of thesis topics: September – 1 Nov 2017
•    Kick-off day: 15 Nov 2017 (1PM - 5PM)
•    Signing of master thesis contract (see below): Dec 2017-Feb 2018
•    Start of the project: 12 Feb 2018
•    Submission of evaluation forms by supervisors: 14 June 2018
•    Upload of master thesis report by students: 15 June 2018
•    Review period for supervisors and 2nd readers: 18 – 27 June 2018
•    Thesis defences: 28 & 29 June 2018.

Please make sure your dataset is available to students by 12 Feb 2018. A delay in data-access for students has a negative effect on the project results, which would be a pity for both students as well as (company) supervisors. If there is a risk that the dataset will not be available, please provide an alternative approach or alternative dataset.