Kopie Master of Statistics

Kopie Master of Statistics

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1. What is distance learning?
As a distance learning student you study on your own pace. You only have to respect deadlines and due dates for (online) quizzes, homework, project work, and/or Q&A moments. All deadlines and due dates will be communicated in a study schedule and a timetable for the distance learning students at the beginning of each semester. We advise you to pin these moments in your agenda at the beginning of each semester and make a good study plan in combination with your work and/or private agenda.

The distance learning programme of the Master of Statistics has 3 specializations:

  1. Master of Statistics – Epidemiology & Public Health Methodology
  2. Master of Statistics – Biostatistics
  3. Master of Statistics – Bioinformatics.


2. How do we communicate as a distance learning student ?
During the programme we also organize project courses. We try to make groups heterogeneous with people from all over the world. All communication is online, mostly using the digital learning environment called Blackboard which has a discussion board per course, via Google Hangouts or sometimes using Skype. You will be able to enter Blackboard after registration and have access to courses and content materials. In order to follow this master programme by distance, you need to have (access to) good internet connection and be in use of a computer/laptop with camera and microphone working! We experience that it is too difficult to study via distance learning when internet connections are not sufficient. You need to be able to stream web lectures and upload homework, projects, do quizzes online and participate in contact moments via Google Hangouts. This is the student’s own responsibility. A programme on a distance doesn't mean you have to do everything on your own. Of course professors and teaching assistants will be available for answering your questions, give you feedback and advice.


3. How is examination organized for distance learning students and will accommodation be provided for ?
Please note that at this stage of the implementation, all examinations will be held on campus for all students.

Travel and accommodation expenses are to be fully financed by the student himself, without any exception. Some basic practical assistance (e.g. contacts of youth hostels and hotels in the neighbourhood) is offered by our administrative offices.


4. What are the tuition fees ?
Information about tuition fees are mentioned on the website:


5. What about registration, admission and deadlines for distance learning?
If you are willing to take part in the distance learning programme Master of Statistics after taking all information into consideration, you can start preregistration on our website: Also take a look at the specific admission requirements:

Please note that places are limited for the distance learning program and after submission there will be a selection by the Admission Board. You will be categorized as ‘academically approved’ or ‘not approved’. When you are ‘academically approved’ you will be granted enrolment into the programme Master of Statistics. Only after receiving your certified hard copies, we will start processing your file.
You can check the prerequisites for the Master programme regarding mathematics and statistics knowledge here.

The deadline for pre-registration for the distance learning programme is September 1st, as the course start at the end of September. Only after being selected for the distance learning programme by the Admission Board, you will receive an invitation to register as a distance learning student.


6. Are scholarships available to follow the Master of Statistics ? 
Yes. You can find more information on scholarships and funding opportunities here.