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Master of Transportation Sciences

ICP Scholarship Programme

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The ICP scholarship students follow a specific track within our Master of Transportation Sciences with a focus on Road Safety in Low & Middle Income Countries. Cases will be tailored to their needs and input. Master thesis and internship are also related to a topic relevant to the South and the future careers of the graduates. 

Course Name  ECTS
Transport systems & transport policy: an introduction 6
Introduction to transportation research 6
Quantitative methods 6
Study Visit & International Topics 6
Traffic and travel behavior  6
Environmental economic evaluation of transportation policy 6
Microsimulation models 6
Behavioral influence  6
In depth crash investigation  6
Traffic flows 6
Intelligent Transportation Systems 6
Road safety in low- and middle-income countries  6
Road safety evaluation: methods and applications 6
Freight transport 6
Strategic project analysis 6
Master thesis part 1 12
Master thesis part 2 18
Internship 18

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