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We welcome open PhD proposals with topics that are linked to the research, carried out at the Transportation Research Institute of Hasselt University (IMOB).

However, before you can apply for an open PhD, note that no funding can be provided by the Transportation Research Institute/Hasselt University. Extra costs for supervision and enrolment in the PhD programme also apply. 

Therefore you will have to dispose of sufficient financial means to support yourself for 4 years, the minimum time which is necessary to obtain a PhD at our university. Below you can find:

  • General info: what does it cost? how to prove sufficient means of subsistence? (download pdf)
  • Before you can be admitted for an self-supporting PhD, you will have to prove sufficient means of subsistence as required by the Belgian Immigration Office: Proof of means of subsistence (download .docx)
  • Procedure PhD at IMOB (download pdf)
  • Template PhD proposal (download .docx)

There is no application deadline for self-supporting PhD applications.

Please note that the information provided on this website is intended for informational purposes only and may be subject to changes.