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Master of Management

Master of Management

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Students can choose between a specialization in:

  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Strategy and Innovation Management (SIM)
  • International Marketing Strategy (IMS)

The major Business Process Management (BPM) focuses on the managerial and corporate role of information and information systems and technologies in the corporate world, with an emphasis on business processes. The program addresses the way in which particular opportunities and threats in this context should be managed and governed. Graduates gain insight into the interaction between data, processes, information systems, and the way new information technologies create new opportunities for cross-functional business processes. Graduates are trained to analyse problems and to reflect critically on situations by offering a broad set of methodologies and techniques to apply in a process context. Eventually, graduates learn to understand how information systems and technology can support and fuel strategy making, innovation, and new business models in an international context.


The specialization SIM prepares graduates to, not only, respond to the current, rapidly changing business environment, but also to capture innovation opportunities and be the driving force behind change. Complementary to a general perspective on strategy and innovation management, this specialization offers in depth knowledge on (open) innovation, innovation ecosystems, business model innovation, strategic innovation, change management and (corporate) entrepreneurship. This specialization is offering a broad set of analytical tools and teaching approaches: besides lecturing, instructors make use of teaching cases, guest lectures, videos, simulation games, experiential learning techniques, and analysis of recent online articles to apply the lessons learned to real-world situations, industries and organizations.

The specialization IMS focuses on business and marketing strategies in an international environment. Complementary to a more general marketing perspective, this specialisation digs deeper into marketing strategies, processes and the relationships between organizations with an emphasis on the business-to-business context. This major confronts graduates with challenging strategic business problems in the marketing domain in interaction with other functions such as business strategy and innovation management. IMS also trains students in analysing these problems by offering a broad set of analytical tools and knowledge with respect to the usefulness of these tools in different contexts, eventually to generate high-level contributions to ongoing business modelling in an international context.