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Master of Interior Architecture

Master of Interior Architecture

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The one-year master’s programme consists of three major components: design studio, theory module and master thesis/ project.

The design studio focuses on the study, transformation and adaptation of existing buildings and sites. Representative examples could be, for example: transforming a 17th-century monastery, a concrete office tower of 1970, or a 19th-century prison with a panoptical plan. During this process, there is considerable attention paid to heritage value, atmospheric qualities, construction details, and spatial characteristics that are no longer appropriate for new buildings. In this context, two research seminars hinge on the design studio and the theory module. One seminar concentrates on reading spaces by means of various techniques such as hand drawing and photography. The other seminar explores the changing meanings of spaces, as their functions are transformed. In this way, the programme explores both the material and immaterial values of the built environment.

The theory module introduces students to the emerging frame of reference related to adaptive reuse by studying relevant texts and recent case studies. It also offers relevant historical knowledge regarding the function of interiors, their spatial, ornamental and conceptual potential. Obviously, special attention is also paid to specific technical and material aspects.

The master’s project and thesis conclude the programme, consisting in a personal and original work of design on an existing building and its surroundings. Students will be invited to consider sites that are part of ongoing research projects but may also propose sites from their own home countries.


Master's Programme (1 year) ECTS Period*
Study Visits 3 Semester 1
Design Studio Adaptive Reuse 12 Semester 1
Research Seminars 9 Semester 1
Theory Module 6 Semester 1 + 2
Master's Thesis 9 Semester 1 + 2
Master's Project 21 Semester 2
TOTAL 60  

Semester 1= 16/09/2019 - 01/02/2020
Semester 2= 10/02/2020 - 28/06/2020