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Course North-South 2017: Tackling Global Issues: Towards a New Era of Thinking and Acting?


Mar 02, 2017 17.00 uur - 19.00 uur

The interdisciplinary course North South consists of a series of lectures by experts on contemporary development topics. These topics, in the framework of North-South relations, cover contemporary social phenomena in the South and the respective challenges to sustainable development in a variety of domains (e.g. education, law, international politics, health, agriculture, economics and management, etc.). It exposes students to a plurality of perspectives on local and global societal challenges at a time of unprecedented globalisation. It aims at providing a broader and deeper understanding of contemporary global issues and to develop students’ knowledge as well as a (self-) reflective and respectful perspective on other cultures.

This year, the course includes lectures by selected experts who will introduce you to relevant development issues in different societal fields. The lectures will deal with development challenges ranging from a general introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals, tackling Vultures: solutions to the debt crisis in Argentina, the effects of climate change on water resource availability in Cuba, personalized medicine for infectious disease control in developing countries, linking relief rehabilitation and development in the shelter and housing sector in Somalia, and the access to social protection minimum floors as a tool to end early marriage in Mozambique.

Thursday 2 March 2017: Personalized medicine for infectious disease control in developing countries by Prof. Dr. Annelies van Rie (University of Antwerp, Epidemiology for Global Health Institute)

This course is an elective course open to all students and interested people (free of charge).

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