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The RCEF faculty is engaged in executive training programs related to a variety of knowledge domains.

We are involved in training programs that focus on "People management and Leadership"
- CIGO - For organization development and change professionals (Prof.dr. Frank Lambrechts)

There is an involvement in management trainings as well:
- OpenBordersMBA (module on strength-based change: Prof.dr. Frank Lambrechts, module on corporate finance: Prof.dr. Sigrid Vandemaele)
- Postgraduate Business Administration/Postgraduaat Bedrijfskunde (Prof.dr. Pieter Vandekerkhof, Prof.dr. Sigrid Vandemaele)

Furthermore, we are engaged in several entrepreneurship trainings:
Entrepreneurs University/OndernemersUniversiteit (Prof.dr. Frank Lambrechts, Prof.dr. Wim Voordeckers, Prof.dr. Walter Hendriks, Prof.dr. Pieter Vandekerkhof)
- Wingmen College (Prof.dr. Pieter Vandekerkhof)
- WingsPro (Prof.dr. Pieter Vandekerkhof)

Other training programs offered by RCEF faculty are: 
- Notarial Accounting /Notarieel Boekhouden (Prof.dr. Nadine Lybaert)
- Postgraduate in Patient Safety (Prof.dr. Frank Lambrechts)
- Training Fire Brigade Officials (Prof.dr. Frank Lambrechts)

For more information, please visit the website of the UHasselt School of Expert Education (SEE).