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All RCEF members are, next to their research activities, intensively involved in the bachelor and master educational programs of the Faculty of Business Economics at Hasselt University. Five different educational programs at high academic level are offered: Business Administration, Business Economics, Business EngineeringBusiness and Information Systems Engineering and Master of Management.

The educational program of Business Administration at Hasselt University is very hands-on. Students build up knowledge by solving real life business problems and cases. The development of entrepreneurial skills is given a prominent place in this program. Accordingly, there is a strong link with the business community, which prepares the student for entering the labor market (e.g., internships in industry or academia related to their specific specialisation chosen in the master year). 

Business Economics is a very broad educational program that is primarily aimed at management sciences and economics, but also offers a solid base in other relevant areas, such as languages, law, and quantitative methods. Possible specialisations, which are unique: Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Policy Management. The programs Business Administration and Business Economics consist of 3 bachelor years and 1 master year. 

The programs of Business Engineering and Business and Information Systems Engineering, on the other hand, consist of 3 bachelor years and 2 master years. Whereas Business and Information Systems Engineering focuses on quantitative analysis, management sciences, and management information systems, Business Engineering is more related to technical management instead of management information systems. Similar to Business Economics, both programs allow the students to acquire a broad, solid base in different domains.

Lastly, the Master of Management is an international one-year master programme (in English) that prepares students for a career in dynamic, international business environments. The programme focuses on confronting students with challenging strategic business problems to familiarize them with all major aspects of a business. The programme does not only apply to (business) economics students but also to university graduates in non-economic subject areas, such as engineers, lawyers, psychologists...

Several of the courses in the five programs are coordinated by RCEF faculty members, with the assistance of PhD students and post-doctoral researchers: Accounting, Family Firms, Corporate Governance, Strategic Management, Organizational change and strategy formation, Entrepreneurship, ...