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While accountants and auditors are mainly considered to service external stakeholders (banks, external investors, the government, customers,…), they can also add value for management, family shareholders and other insiders and become a trusted advisor for them. In order to do so, a proper match between needs and expertise is required. However, the influence of personality, trust, team dynamics,… should not be underestimated as these factors could be equally or even more important for the (perceived) value of the service.  

RCEF therefore mainly examines behavioral aspects of accounting and assurance services within a context of private (family) firms. Research questions that are being examined are the following:

  • What drives managers to engage in earnings management?
  • What drives the demand for accounting and assurance services in start-ups, scale-ups, family firms,…?
  • To what extent is a personality match equally or even more important than an expertise match in a successful accountant-client relationship?  
  • How can an accountant/auditor add value within a private firm context?
  • How do team dynamics affect the level of quality an accountant/auditor provides?
  • How should management control systems be designed in private (family) firms?