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Summer School: Sustainable Retail Design


13 aug 2020 - 19 aug 2020

Oude Gevangenis

Universiteit Hasselt

campus Hasselt

Martelarenlaan 42

3500 Hasselt


Prof. dr. Katelijn QUARTIER




From August 12 till 19 we organise the seventh edition of the summer school. This year we will make a major change though. The focus will shift to sustainable retail design. As a university we need to take responsibility into this matter by investing in research that might impact the large eco-impact the retail sector has at the moment. We invested two years of study to come up with insights, tools and expertise to educate all stakeholders in how to design more sustainable stores.

Of course, the main goal hasn't changed and is still to invite students and young professionals from different disciplines (interior design, architecture, product design/industrial design, marketing, business development, etc.) to collectively reflect on the challenges and opportunities of the “store of the future”.

Base camp is set up in the Former Prison, now part of UHasselt, in the city center of Hasselt. Registration is now open!

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