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Sustainable Euregio - Care, Ecology, Recycling

Sustainable Euregio - Care, Ecology, Recycling

22 okt 2021 - 23 okt 2021

Klooster Hoogcruts, Hoogcruts 47, 6255 NS Noordbeek (NL)


1st ARCHIREG Symposium "Sustainable Euregio - Care, Ecology, Recycling"
22 -23 October 2021, Hoogcruts Monastery, Noorbeek (NL).

ARCHIREG, a federative network of the architecture schools of Aachen, Hasselt, Liège, Maastricht and the Academy of the Aachen Chamber of Crafts, unites teachers and students of the Rhine-Maas region in the search for innovative and ecologically sustainable building practices.

On the occasion of the founding symposium, representatives of the six cooperating institutions will present innovative results from research and teaching.

The aim of the symposium is to formulate joint responses to cross-border challenges. The symposium takes place in the former Hoogcruts monastery.

Hoogcruts is both laboratory and showcase; workshop and exhibition space. Due to its geographical location, Hoogcruts is the ideal place to jointly develop impulses for the coming building culture of a European region characterized by natural and architectural-historical diversity.


Symposium address:

Klooster Hoogcruts
Hoogcruts 47
6255 NS Noorbeek (Netherlands)

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