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Great news from the alumni of Building Beyond Borders

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Great news from the alumni of Building Beyond Borders    9 sep 2020

Great news from the alumni of Building Beyond Borders
9 sep 2020

Great news from the alumni of Building Beyond Borders: 
Tinne Beirinckx and John Silvertand have written an article about the outdoor space of Ouled Merzoug's women's home and submitted it for the LILA - Landezine International Landscape Award. 
Out of 280 entries their contribution "Lifting the palm grove to a higher level" has received a special mention in the category 'Public Project'. 
From the jury statement:
"The structure was established as a landmark, social magnet, a site part of, yet distinct from, landscape. Its intervention is a sensitive, precise study of village imagery, social life, as well as the movement through a broader landscape. It enhances village life on multiple levels while creating a gentle, internal world for women in a society where women’s public facilities are almost non-existent. The humbleness with which usual goals of public space are achieved is emphasized through the rawness and simplicity of means, such as reordering stones found on site, choreographed view corridors through a seemingly naive window, a fireplace or a simple swing in the courtyard. Ecologically, within the harsh landscape conditions, small means are used to gather rare sources of soil, water and shade, creating biodiversity, reforestation, and the climatic improvement of shade. The simultaneity of a public space with the intimacy, and almost fragility of such a needed meeting point has created a strong, unique sense of place."
It's not the first time this project from our postgraduate education programme, Building Beyond Borders, caught the attention of the international press. Earlier this year respected magazines as Archello.comDivisareArchDailydesignboom en Dezeen talked highly about the project in Morocco.
If you'd like to know more about Building Beyond Borders, check out this website, Facebook page and Instagram and do not forget to check out the Fall Symposium which will take place on November 9th and 10th in the Old Prison of Hasselt (Belgium).