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Fac ARK International

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Our faculty is collaborating with partner universities across the world, to create a cross-cultural learning platform for their students in which ideas and perspectives, spatial concepts and urban narratives are discussed and exchanged to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world and to create positive, spatial opportunities to generate harmonious, inclusive and resilient communities.

The design studio is the heart of this collaboration. Students from both universities work simultaneously on a specific site. Against their personal cultural, social and academic background, they visualize spatial interventions for the place and its inhabitants, synthesizing a spectrum of variables that set out from absolutely practical and concrete issues, whilst at the same time adding an artistic and social dimension that expresses its unique identity. This exchange of synergistic views allows for creative and innovative solutions that are grounded in the realities of everyday life.

These student projects are not ready-to-build, rather they aim to inspire stakeholders through their fresh approach. The projects reveal hidden opportunities, the hidden identity and treasures of a place... in drawings, sketches, models and with words... in a narrative.. The collaboration with peers and colleagues from across the world, helps the students to become better architects for a changing society...regardless whether this will be in Europe, in Africa, in Vietnam, in Brazil... It trains them, as architects to look for opportunities, to make them spatial, to give space to the positive aspects of a site or a challenge.

  • They learn to work interdisciplinary ... formulate answers in different disciplines: economic, social, spatial, educational...
  • They look for generic answers
  • They imagine a positive future

Presently, the south studio is a one semester studio in the second semester of 1th master year, with the possibility to opt for a graduation project and thesis with focus on the global South.