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Fac ARK International

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The parallel design studios focusses on:

  • global challenges (climate change, poverty, scarce resources, migration, ...), challenges that are felt in our country but find their origine far beyond our borders and vice versa, challenges that can only be solved in a common effort.

  • longterm impact due to longlasting collaboration with local universities or other stakeholders/partners

  • capacity building... the initiatives aim to build knowledge to change things for the better, at one’s homebase as well as to disseminate knowledge through intens intercontinental collaboration

  • a mutual learning process.

The real asset of he parallel studios is the exchange of ideas and dreams, of knowledge and hopes, between our students and their colleagues at the collaborating universities, between our students and locals, between our students and stakeholders, between students of architecture and researchers ...in having new eyes and a wide view in their search for creating a better world/positive future for all.